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“My New Friend Helped Me Heal”

Surgery is a frightening and uncertain time for any adult. For a young child, it can be especially scary. So when 7-year-old Sophia Williams had to undergo a tonsillectomy at River View Surgery Center, the staff wanted to make her as comfortable and relaxed as possible. So they introduced her to Foxie, a stuffed animal that she could take into surgery with her.

“When she woke up, Foxie was right there and it never left her side,” said Sophia’s mother, Andrea Williams. “When we got home, she took it to bed with her every night.”

On a recent vacation, Sophia was devastated when her new friend was accidentally left behind at a hotel. When the staff at River View learned what had happened, they purchased a new fox for Sophia that was nearly identical to the one she had misplaced. “Even though she knew the one they gave her wasn’t the original, she was so happy to have a new Foxie,” Andrea said.

Giving every patient – young and old – a comfortable and personalized experience is our goal at Fairfield Medical Center.

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