Experience the Compassion

“They Went Above and Beyond For Me”

Experience the CompassionAs a retired firefighter, Alan Vandewater is used to helping others, not being the one in need of help. So when pneumonia landed him at Fairfield Medical Center twice, he found himself struggling with something he had never experienced before – the inability to care for himself.

Luckily for Alan, he had nurse Sarah Conrad and nurse’s aide Cara Waggoner on his team. Alan, 66, of New Lexington said Sarah and Cara went above and beyond to make him feel more comfortable and less anxious during both hospital stays. In the moments when he felt weak or frightened, he recalls one or both of the women being by his side to offer sympathy and support. “Staff can do their duties mechanically and move on or they can do it with love and concern for the patient,” Alan said. “Both of them made me feel well-cared for instead of just another chore they had to do before they could go home.”

Alan said Sarah and Cara are just two examples of how the staff at FMC deliver personalized, compassionate care to patients during their most difficult and vulnerable moments. FMC’s top priority is making each patient’s experience a positive one.

Experience the FMC level of care.

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