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“I Was Treated With Kindness and Respect”

Experience the FMC SupportAs Abbygael Eigel, 21, prepared to give birth last November at Fairfield Medical Center, she was struggling with an array of emotions. Not only was she was alone in the delivery room with no family by her side, but she knew she would be giving her baby up for adoption when it was all over.

However, her sadness and fear soon diminished with the help of Maternity Department Supervisor Eva Payne, B.S.N., R.N. “Eva held my hand the whole time and even offered to sing to me,” Abbygael said. “She was awesome and comforting. Even though she knew I was giving my child up for adoption, I was treated with kindness and respect.”

Eva said when she learned about Abbygael’s situation, she quickly went down to her room to provide support. “Choosing adoption is the most unselfish love that a mother could have,” Eva said. “I feel personally obligated to support these women and inform them that adoption has given others like my husband and I the opportunity to have a family. Their difficult decision is another’s answered prayer.”

FMC’s Maternity Department is dedicated to giving all mothers the support and care they need to ensure a positive labor and delivery.

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