Experience the Victory

“We All Had the Same Goal”

Two days after Christmas, Coleton Chase did something no wrestler at Lancaster High School had ever done before – he won one of the biggest high school wrestling tournaments in Ohio.

Just one month earlier, Coleton was recovering from an injury that could have kept him completely sidelined from the tournament. On Nov. 25, Keith Hollingsworth, M.D., an orthopedic surgeon at Fairfield Medical Center, removed a portion of Coleton’s meniscus, which he had torn during a wrestling practice. “Dr. Hollingsworth was shooting for the same goal as me – to get me back to wrestling,” said Coleton, 17. “He originally said it could be a 6-7 week recovery. It ended up being three weeks.”

Coleton said he’s grateful that Dr. Hollingsworth, his therapy team at River View Surgery Center and his athletic trainer Leigh Spring were so dedicated to getting him back to wrestling before the end of the season. Fairfield Medical Center’s nationally recognized orthopedic surgeons and staff are progressive in providing the latest technology while putting patients first.

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