Experience the Dedication

"I'm back in the swing of things"

When Larry Bell started cardiac rehab at Fairfield Medical Center, he was at his heaviest weight and so tired, he could barely play a round of golf. The past two years had been challenging ones for Larry, who had battled Legionnaries’ disease before undergoing open heart surgery.
He wanted to start feeling good again.

It didn’t take long. A month into his rehab, Larry, 61, says he lost 20 pounds and fully regained his energy. With the help of the cardiac rehab staff, the Lancaster resident made exercise and eating right a priority. He now starts off his mornings with a healthy protein shake and spends his afternoons and evenings completing the tasks he was once too exhausted to tackle. “The rehab staff has been great – there has not been one bad moment,” Larry said. “They are very organized and they watch you carefully. If my heart rate is too high, they’re on it right away.”

Larry is eager to get back on the golf course this spring, where he plans to spend more time on the green and less time sitting, tired and weak, in the golf cart. At Fairfield Medical Center, we’re committed to helping all patients feel their very best.

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