Fairfield Medical Center was recently reaccredited as a Chest Pain Center

When a person is experiencing chest pain or the symptoms of a heart attack, prompt medical attention is crucial in improving that person’s odds of survival. Fairfield Medical Center was recently reaccredited as a Chest Pain Center through the Society of Cardiovascular Patient Care (SCPC) for its commitment to providing fast care to patients experiencing chest pain.

As an Accredited Chest Pain Center, FMC has enhanced the quality of care for cardiac patients and demonstrated a commitment to consistently follow national heart care standards. FMC first earned this accreditation in 2012.

“This accreditation recognizes the entire continuum of care that we provide to patients who are experiencing chest pain, from our collaboration with local EMS to the work our Cardiac Pathway Committee has done to evaluate cardiac care processes within the hospital,” said John R. “Jack” Janoso, Jr., president and CEO of Fairfield Medical Center. “We have implemented a number of evidence-based protocols to reduce the time between the onset of the patient’s symptoms and his or her diagnosis and treatment.”

Heart attacks are the leading cause of death in the United States, with 600,000 people dying annually of heart disease. More than five million Americans visit hospitals each year with chest pain. SCPC’s goal is to significantly reduce the mortality rate of these patients by teaching the public to recognize and react to the early symptoms of a possible heart attack, reduce the time that it takes to receive treatment and increase the accuracy and effectiveness of treatment.

“People tend to wait when they think they might be having a heart attack, and that’s a mistake,” said Rhonda Wells, chest pain coordinator at Fairfield Medical Center. “The average patient arrives in the Emergency Department more than two hours after the onset of symptoms, but what they don’t realize is that the sooner a heart attack is treated, the less damage to the heart and the better the outcome for the patient.”

To learn more about SCPC, visit www.scpcp.org or call toll free at 1-877-271-4176.

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