Omar Al-Nouri, D.O., Performs First Incisionless EVAR at FMC

Omar Al-Nouri, D.O., recently performed the first percutaneous, or incision-less, endovascular aneurysm stent repair (EVAR) at Fairfield Medical Center. This procedure has many advantages for the patient such as reduced hospital stay and shorter recovery time. Patients also have minimal scarring due to the utilization of a significantly reduced entry site.

During a typical EVAR, a physician will make a 2.5 inch incision to perform the EVAR procedure, but with a percutaneous EVAR a physician will use only the needle puncture to access the aneurysm repair site. Performing the procedure with this technique will result in far less pain for the patient than with traditional EVAR.

Dr. Al-Nouri compared the recovery of this procedure to the recovery that a patient would experience with a routine cardiac catheterization and said there is less risk for wound related complications.

Dr. Al-Nouri joined Fairfield Medical Center in August of this year and is a part of Fairfield Healthcare Professionals Vascular Surgery. For more information or to refer a patient to FHP Vascular Surgery, call the office at 740-687-6910.

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