Hospital Week Award Winners Named

President's Award: Eric Brandt, Quality Exc.
Eric Brandt
Eric has a very calm demeanor and his presence is reassuring. He handles a wide range of responsibilities and yet is always accessible to others when needed. His work is greatly appreciated at all levels of the organization and holds a high degree of trust and respect.

Leadership Teammate of the Year: Lisa Scott, Case Management
Lisa Scott Award
Lisa exudes kindness and compassion in every interaction and has been identified as a leader who embraces and lives our culture and standards every day. She has been described as compassionate, gives everyone her undivided attention, responsive, professional, calm, highly trusted, optimistic and honest. She was instrumental in leading an organization change around observation to inpatient conversion resulting in a $5 million revenue for FMC.

Teammate of the Year: Nikki Lobo, Inf. Svcs.
Nikki Lobo Award
Nikki’s dedication to our values is represented in her work every day. She is always available to staff when they run into issues. She has worked many hours tirelessly in helping implement the many changes we have had recently. She always maintains a positive attitude and makes a difference by going above and beyond on a daily basis.

Excellence in Service Award: Stacy Croston, Patient Rep. & Elaine Eblin, 5th Med/Surg
Stacy is always positive and upbeat – even on her worst days. She exemplifies our common purpose with everything she does. She makes a personal connection with each patient she calls, and patiently listens to each caller who shares their FMC experience and advocates when needed to make sure they have received the best possible care. Her hard work, dedication and optimistic outlook on life transcends into our organization.

Elaine has gone above and beyond during special projects. Her agility and leadership has been outstanding in support of the staff during Cerner. Not only has she worked tirelessly to make this project successful, she has done it with positivity and grace. Her work ethic, integrity, agility and teamwork have shined through.

Team of Excellence in Service: Nutrition Services
Nutrition Services Award
Our Nutrition Services Department has gone above and beyond over the past year to serve an increased number of patients while we have often been at full capacity and an increased number of staff on sight due to the Cerner go-live. They have overcome staffing challenges, embraced management changes and taken on new events and increased hours. They have continuously risen to the occasion be it serving early morning meetings, late night meals and are constantly adapting menu items and hours to accommodate both employees and visitor's requests and needs. Our Dietary team works exceptionally hard 365 days a year and we are proud to honor them with the Team of Excellence in Service award for 2018.

Team of the Year: Plant Engineering
Plant Engineering Award
The Plant Engineering Department serves our organization both day and night and are often there within a moments notices to provide a solution to problems sent their way. They play a key role in helping FMC keep safety a top priority. Not only do they make a difference for the organization by serving in their plant engineering roles but they often go above and beyond to serve their colleagues by hosting fundraising events for the Foundation, making and serving food and snacks to staff during times of great stress and using their talents to find ways to add to the FMC experience. Their overall great attitudes and cheer is uplifting and they make a difference for the organization each and every day.