Tom's Game-day Conversations have Changed

Tom Dunnington is grateful his game-day conversations have changed.

“My doctor lectured me about getting a colonoscopy. I didn’t want to do it, but his stories about other guys my age made me break down and have the test done. Afterward, he told me that they found a cancerous polyp and that I would need surgery.

I like FMC because the doctors talked on my level. I understood everything we needed to do. The nurse navigator made us feel comfortable and helped get us information quickly, especially when waiting for results and next steps. Everyone treated me like I was a king, the food was great and they gave me anything I wanted.

For having cancer, I was really lucky. They got it all and I didn’t need more treatment. Now, I tell everyone to get a colonoscopy. I’m getting my football buddies and the guys from work to go. I just tell them, ‘Dude, you know you should do it.’”

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