FMC Receives Handmade Hat And Blanket Donation From Southern Ohio Synad Women Of The ELCA

Over a year ago, local churches from Southern Ohio met to start a project to donate handmade hats and blankets to women giving birth at local hospitals.

The donation to Fairfield Medical Center consisted of 620 handmade hats and 292 handmade blankets.

“New mothers in our unit are so thankful when we give them a hat or blanket and are even more touched when they find out they were handmade,” said Maternity Manager Mary McGee. “I can’t say enough about how thoughtful and heartwarming it was to see them bringing in such a large donation.”

The Southern Ohio Synad Women of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America (ELCA) held a convention on Sept. 13-14 at the St. Peters Lutheran Church in Lancaster. The group met to discuss details of this project and other initiatives to help the community.

Marcy List, Vivian Friesner, Evalyn OReed and Mona Loughlin recently brought in the large donation, stating “We just wanted to show them we cared.”

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