FMC Cardiovascular Institute Presents Life Saver Award To Dale Clements

On Aug. 21, Mr. Dale Clements received the Life Saver Award for his efforts in saving the life of a sudden cardiac arrest patient on behalf of the Snider Community Heart Watch, along with the Gordon B. Snider Cardiovascular Institute.

On July 25, Mike Reidl, 66 of East Sparta, was on his way to Hocking Hills State Park when he stopped on Memorial Drive in Lancaster to eat. While eating he passed out. Luckily, Fairfield County Sherrif’s Office Community Watch member Dale Clements was nearby. “He just fell over in his chair,” said Clements, 76 of Rushville. “I grabbed him by his feet and told his family we have got to get him to the floor.”

Clements began life-saving CPR for approximately eight minutes until local EMS arrived.

“This award acknowledges people in the community that step up to save a life,” said Deserea Belcher, Cardiac Cath Lab R.N. “Without the help of Dale, Mike would probably not be standing here today. He took the initiative to use his training and make a difference in the lives of others.”

Reidl was transported to the Fairfield Medical Center Emergency Department and quickly routed to the Cardiac Cath Lab, where he was diagnosed with a weak heart muscle. “As soon as I was released I wanted to thank the man that saved my life,” he said.

The reunion gave Clements and Reidl the opportunity to reflect on the event that brought them together. Clements was honored to accept the award. “It was all worth the training,” he said. “There is no greater service than to save someone’s life.”

Clements also received an award from the sherriff’s office for his heroic deed and service in the Community Watch Program.

For more information about the Snider Community Heart Watch or CPR training at FMC, call (740) 689-6893.

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