Jimmie Receives the Ultimate Present

Jimmie Muncy never thought he would be happy to have pneumonia. The chest X-ray used to diagnose his pneumonia was actually the first step in discovering his lung cancer.

That testing revealed an abnormality in his lung, referred to as a nodule. After a follow-up CT scan, Muncy’s family physician, Dr. Mark Lepi, referred him to Fairfield Medical Center’s Lung Nodule Clinic.

Dr. Christian Tencza, FMC pulmonologist, spoke with Dr. Lepi that day about the concerning findings and saw Muncy two days later. “When- ever cancer is a concern, a timely diagnosis is important so treatment can start,” Dr. Tencza said. “Jimmie was in our office and on the road to diagnosis and treatment right away.”

Dr. Tencza discussed Muncy’s situation with Dr. P. Aryeh Cohen, FMC thoracic surgeon, and saw him a week after his first consultation with Dr. Tencza. “With Jimmie, we caught the cancer early and wanted to remove it before it spread,” Dr. Cohen said.

Muncy has been cancer-free since his surgery on July 11, 2012.

His wife, Deborah, admits she was hesitant about him having his surgery at FMC. But Jimmie knew he was in the right hands. “I told her if I had gone to Columbus it might have taken me four or five months to get in and it might have been too late then,” he said.

Muncy was diagnosed with non-small cell lung cancer. Because time is of the essence when dealing with lung cancer, patients at the Nodule Clinic receive testing, diagnosis and treatment promptly to ensure the best outcome.

Deborah is quite happy with her husband’s decision. “I was very impressed with the hospital,” she said. “The physicians were great. God was looking over him and sent him to the right people.”

Jimmie is happy to be celebrating another birthday with his family. He turned 63 on Jan. 28 and will have no problem blowing out the candles on his cake.

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