FMC Six Sigma Black Belt Receives Firefly Award

Mike Tobin, Fairfield Medical Center Six Sigma black belt, received the Firefly Award from the Adult, Family and Children First Council of Fairfield County on Nov. 21 during a celebration at Alley Park in Lancaster.

Tobin received this recognition for compiling and graphically preparing a usable injury data report on childhood injuries for multiple healthcare facilities. This data will be used for grants, government reporting and a focus on future work with council endeavors.

“I felt a need to step up and help them with this report,” said Tobin. “I knew it would be challenging for them to go at it alone and it is information I work with on a regular basis.”

The Firefly Award was created many years ago to recognize those who have worked alongside the Adult, Family and Children First Council to create energy and light by their collaborative work. These award winners are able to provide just what is needed at just the right time.

“Collaboration is a word that is used rather loosely by many people,” said Becky Edwards, Adult, Family and Children First Council executive director. ”True collaboration is hard work and sometimes collaborations get weary. But, often when that weariness sets in, or obstacles begin to emerge that threaten our success, someone steps up and shows us a flicker of light that draws us forward and that light for us was Mike.”

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