Experience Fairfield Medical Center

At Fairfield Medical Center, our goal is for every patient and visitor to have a positive experience, regardless of whether their stay is just for an hour or a couple of days. We want everybody to leave our facility knowing they or their loved ones received the best care possible and to feel that they were treated as an individual – not a number.

It’s stories like these below that show our commitment to our patients and why we are here.

If you or a loved one has a story that you wish to share with our Marketing team, we invite you to contact Michelle George, public relations specialist, at 740-689-6636 or michellege@fmchealth.org.

Experience the Teamwork

Committed to getting his care at FMC, Glouster resident Ken Bussart drove two hours round trip every week for cardiac rehab.

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Experience the Dedication

As a long-time volunteer, Becky Wilmot is a familiar face at Fairfield Medical Center; so, when she needed to have her shoulder replaced, the decision to have the procedure done where she was most comfortable was a no-brainer. “I have all the confidence in the world in Fairfield Medical Center and the care they provide,” she shared.

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Experience the Expertise

When Mike Henwood of Lancaster arrived at Fairfield Medical Center after suffering an aortic aneurysm, he was in dire straits – but luckily, he found himself in capable hands.

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Experience the Compassion

Intuition and the quick work of Fairfield Medical Center’s Emergency Department saved 2-year-old Summerly Costantino from a dangerous allergic reaction.

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Experience the Warmth

Rick Cochran and wife Denise Bauer have discovered what truly matters in life after Rick’s near-fatal battle with sepsis.

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Experience the Care

Renee Reindle’s family and the staff at Fairfield Medical Center have kept her strong in the biggest fight of her life.

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Experience the Encouragement

“They Treated Me Like I Was Family”

With the help of cardiac rehab, Steve Wasem is stronger than ever following triple bypass surgery.

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Experience the Commitment

"FMC Got Me Back in the Game."

When Lancaster High School football player Dylan Sharp suffered a broken fibula, two torn tendons and a dislocated ankle during a scrimmage, he feared he would spend his senior year sitting on the sidelines. But his care team at Fairfield Medical Center had a different game plan.

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Experience the Dedication

"I'm Back in the Swing Of Things"

When Larry Bell started cardiac rehab at Fairfield Medical Center, he was at his heaviest weight and so tired, he could barely play a round of golf. The past two years had been challenging ones for Larry, who had battled Legionnaries’ disease before undergoing open heart surgery. He wanted to start feeling good again.c

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Experience the Success

"I'm the Healthiest I've Ever Been"

Mary Boley is not afraid of birthdays. When the Logan resident turned 80, she was excited about what awaited her in the newest decade of her life. Heart surgery was the last thing she ever saw coming, but it ended up impacting her in a positive way.

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Experience the Commitment

"Early Detection Is the Key"

Shelly Romine is not embarrassed to ask others if they’ve scheduled their annual colonoscopy. As an oncology nurse navigator at Fairfield Medical Center, she has seen how this simple procedure can save countless patients from a late-stage colorectal cancer diagnosis.

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Experience the Compassion
Experience the Compassion

"They Went Above and Beyond For Me"

As a retired firefighter, Alan Vandewater is used to helping others, not being the one in need of help. So when pneumonia landed him at Fairfield Medical Center twice, he found himself struggling with something he had never experienced before – the inability to care for himself.

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Experience the Determination

"Life is Beautiful"

Fran Miller isn’t about to let cancer define who she is a person – and neither will the staff at Fairfield Medical Center.

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Experience the Victory

"We All Had the Same Goal"

After just three weeks of rehabilitation at Fairfield Medical Center, wrestler Coleton Chase was able to compete in one of the biggest tournaments of his career.

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Experience the Comfort

"My New Friend Helped Me Heal"

A scary situation introduced 7-year-old Sophia Williams to a life-long friend – thanks to the staff at River View Surgery Center.

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Experience the Quality

"I Couldn't Have Scripted it Better"

A recent stroke showed local pastor John Beckett that the best care he could receive was right in his own backyard.

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Experience the Support

Experience the Support

“I Was Treated With Kindness and Respect”

Giving a child up for adoption is a difficult decision for any mother. Luckily, Abbygael Eigel found support at a time when she needed it the most.

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Experience the Healing

"I'm Back to Living My Life"

When Stacy Thompson decided she no longer wanted her life to be controlled by severe acid reflux, she didn’t have to look far to find help.

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Experience the Kindness

“They Helped Keep Us Calm”

Elijah Frye is only 4-years-old, but he already knows what he wants to be one day – a police officer. So when Elijah’s mother, Jessica Diaz, brought him to Fairfield Medical Center ‘s Emergency Department on Valentine’s Day after he had a bad fall outdoors, they were relieved to be greeted by two friendly faces in uniform – FMC Police Officers Zacharias Skeens and Larry Mitchell.

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