Pet Therapy

No matter if they are a purebred, a mixed breed, a rescue dog, a family pet, large, small, lively or calm, the Therapy Dogs at Fairfield Medical Center all have one thing in common; they love people and consider it their duty to brighten your day.

Through the stress of medical testing, recovering from surgery or worrying about the condition of a loved one, dogs are able to provide a much-needed diversion from a patient’s problems. They relieve agitation, anxiety, and stress in patients, and, quite simply, they bring smiles and joy to the hearts of many.  Animals have a way of accepting without qualification. They don’t judge you. They don’t care how you look or what you say. They simply accept you the way you are.  

Fairfield Medical Center’s Pet Therapy Program has been in existence for more than 15 years and now includes approximately 20 pet therapy teams in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Patients can request a visit from a Pet Therapy team by calling