About Fairfield Medical Center Foundation

As the philanthropic branch of Fairfield Medical Center - an independent, not-for-profit hospital - the FMC Foundation plays a vital role in supporting access to excellent medical care and wellness programs throughout Fairfield County and the surrounding communities.

Whether the Foundation is providing financial assistance to offset the cost of prescription drugs for vulnerable populations, supporting the availability of live-saving cancer care or assisting with the purchase of necessary medical equipment, your Fairfield Medical Center Foundation helps make our culture of compassion and wellness accessible to diverse segments of our community, regardless of their income.

Our Board of Directors

Maris Mahler, Chair
Jamie Culver, Vice Chair
Jack Janoso, FMC President and CEO
Sky Gettys, FMC Chief Financial Officer
Becky Baker
Sarah Jubach Claypool
John Furniss
Shashi Gogate, M.D.
Temple Montanez
Brenda Shamblin
Dr. Gordon Snider
Rick Szabrak
Craig Vandervoort