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Welcome to Fairfield Medical Center’s Career Opportunity page! We have recently transitioned to an enhanced Talent Acquisition System. If you have applied with us in the past, your information is no longer active. We encourage you to visit our new site to create your resume and apply for positions in which you are interested. Our new system will allow for enhanced communication and management of your career profile with Fairfield Medical Center. Please note you will need to register the first time you apply as your previous information is no longer active.  We appreciate your interest in career opportunities with Fairfield Medical Center.

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The Recruitment Team at Fairfield Medical Center

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Volunteer Services at Fairfield Medical Center

Fairfield Medical Center is fortunate to have the assistance of over 175 individuals who each year volunteer their time and talent to assist patients, visitors, and Center staff. A wide variety of volunteering opportunities are available with over 40 service areas to choose from.  Great care is taken to match each individual's skills and interests with just the right service area for them.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why Volunteer?
Each volunteer has his or her own reason for choosing to volunteer, but some of the most frequently cited reasons include:
•    To help others, meet new people, and learn new skills.
•    To give something back to my community.
•    To get out of the house and do something productive.
•    It makes you feel good & it’s fun!

How Much Time Does It Take?
The typical volunteer spends one three or four-hour shift per week. You can schedule your volunteer hours to fit your lifestyle and your vacation schedule.

What Would I Be Doing?
Fairfield Medical Center has more than 40 different types of opportunities to select from.  The goal is to match your interests and skills with a service area you would enjoy. Whether you enjoy working with people or paperwork, new challenges or consistent tasks each week, physically active work or a sedentary assignment, we have an assignment that fits each preference.

What Do I Get Out of It?
•    Interaction with many people.
•    A free meal for each shift worked.
•    Parking in garage
•    A sense of satisfaction that you have contributed something and helped others.

How Do I Get Started?
You can download the Volunteer Application Packet (18 and over) from our website or pick up a hard copy at the North or South Information Desk.  Once the application is returned an interview will be scheduled, followed by orientation and on-the-job training.

Teen Volunteer Applicants (16-17 years of age) should contact the Volunteer Services Department to pick up a Teen Volunteer Packet.

Volunteer Opportunities
Below is a list of possible volunteer opportunities.  Please contact the Fairfield Medical Center Marketing Department at (740) 687-8109 for specific openings.

Café Greeter
Assist people who need help getting through the food line and to a table.  When a line forms, inform people of what is being served in the hot line and indicate whether they can move ahead to avoid the wait.  Inform Cafeteria staff when stock needs to be replenished.

Cancer Resource Center
Provides advocacy and services to all patients, families, and visitors at the Cancer Resource Center.  Greets all visitors.  Assists with resources and retail items.

Clerical Support
Volunteers provide clerical support in a variety of departments, such as Accounting, Administration, Cardiovascular Services, Case Management, Contracts & Collections, Endoscopy, the Foundation, Human Resources, Learning & Development, Marketing, and Outpatient Therapy Services

Cookie Cart
Visits various waiting areas with the Cookie Cart to offer complimentary refreshments to visitors.  Stocks Cookie Cart as needed.

Courtesy Cart
Visits patient rooms with Courtesy Cart, which is stocked with books and magazines.

Chaplain Services
Visits patient bedsides to identify the patients’ church affiliation; notifies churches of any hospitalized parishioner(s).

Diagnostic Health Services
Greets patients arriving for testing; assures that patients get through the registration process in a timely and orderly manner; escorts patients to testing area.

Environmental Services
Opportunities include Laundry (folding washcloths, towels, and patient garments), Sewing, and Magazines (sorting, labeling, and organizing in waiting rooms).

ICU/3rd Floor Waiting Area
Greets the public; escorts visitors as needed; responds to telephone inquires; maintains coffee station.

Information Desk
Greets the public; escorts patients and visitors; responds to telephone inquires; delivers patient mail and floral arrangements; provides directional information.

Menu Education
Visits patients to explain how a patient orders his/her meals.  Obtains food preferences as needed.

Messenger Service
Picks up and delivers inter-departmental correspondence throughout the building and transports U.S. mail to and from the mailroom.

Patient Representative
Visits newly admitted patients to inquire if they have any questions or problems; provides information on who to contact if a problem arises; helps resolve minor concerns and refers other concerns to an appropriate staff member.

Pet Therapy
Visits patients with a registered therapy dog.  Your dog must be registered through an acceptable organization with all paperwork on file to proceed.

Greets patients arriving for outpatient procedures; assures that patients get through the registration process in a timely and orderly manner; escorts patients to testing locations; delivers paperwork to patient units.

Riverview Pre-Surgical Testing
Provides support services and promotes positive public relations to families of RiverView Pre-Surgical Center & RiverView Surgery Center patients while serving as a greeter in the waiting room.

Prepares patient charge stickers, affixes stickers to incoming patient chargeables, shelves incoming inventory items.

Surgery Waiting Room
Provides support services and promotes positive public relations to families of surgical patients while serving as a greeter and receptionist in the surgery waiting room.  Assists Patient Representative as needed.

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