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Snider Cardiovascular Institute

Named after the physician who brought the first intensive care unit to Fairfield Medical Center, the Snider Cardiovascular Institute brings together more than 30 physicians with specialties in cardiology, interventional radiology, vascular services, internal medicine, family practice, nephrology and cardiothoracic surgery for the advancement of cardiovascular care in Southeastern Ohio.

The Fairfield Medical Center Snider Cardiovascular Institute is dedicated to the progression of cardiovascular care in our community. At its foundation is a team of multidisciplinary physicians who work together to develop and implement protocols that improve patient care delivery, including the speed at which care is delivered. Institute physicians are committed to providing community education about the risk factors, signs and symptoms and ways to prevent cardiovascular disease.

To learn more about the Snider Cardiovascular Institute's initiatives of services offered, click on the links below. To contact the Snider Cardiovascular Institute, call (740) 689-6893.

Cardiovascular Services Offered
Snider Community Heart Watch
Community CPR Day
AED Group Purchasing
Heart Safe Schools
What is Heart Disease?
Early Heart Attack Care (EHAC)
Eliminate Risk Factors

FMC Awarded Bronze

Fairfield Medical Center was awarded the Mission: Lifeline Bronze Performance Achievement Award on July 16, 2012 acknowledging Fairfield Medical Center’s dedication to high-quality care for heart attack patients and improving the time in which these patients receive treatment.

To receive this award, FMC achieved an 86 percent composite rate across all performance measures for one quarter for the timely care of ST segment elevation myocardial infarction (STEMI) patients.

“Unlike the Olympics, bronze doesn’t mean Fairfield Medical Center finished third place,” said Lory Winland, director of Ohio Mission: Lifeline. “A bronze award means they achieved this level for one quarter.” 

The silver award is given to hospitals that meet the measures for 12 consecutive months and the gold is awarded after 24 consecutive months. That national composite rate was 63 percent and the Ohio rate was 65 percent. FMC was one of 226 hospitals in the nation and one of 18 hospitals in Ohio to receive the Mission: Lifeline award. For this award, Fairfield Medical Center was recognized in the August issue of U.S. News & World Report.

Vascular Services

Vascular problems can occur in arteries throughout the body, including the abdomen, kidneys, legs, neck and brain. Since all the blood vessels are interconnected, one area may be an indication of a more serious condition elsewhere. Fairfield Medical Center’s vascular surgeons and interventional radiologists are dedicated to treating patients with diseases affecting the peripheral arteries and veins of the circulatory system.

With a wide range of knowledge and experience, our vascular surgeons and interventional radiologists are able to provide early diagnosis, treatment and care to patients with circulatory diseases and disorders, including aneurysms and peripheral arterial disease (PAD).

Trained staff at Fairfield Medical Center offer a comprehensive range of cardiac services including:
Diagnostic Testing
Interventional Services
Minimally Invasive Procedures

VIR Procedures may include:
Biliary Tubes
Nephrostomy Tubes
Gastic Tubes
Jejunostomy Tubes
Subcutaneous Infusaports
Peripherally Inserted Central Catheters
Temporary and Permanent Hemodialysis Catheters
Inferior Vena Cava Filter Insertions/removals
Fistulagrams and Interventions
Pulmonary Embolus Studies and Interventions
Laser Athrectomy
Carotid Artery Stenting
Peripheral Arteriograms/Angioplasties/Stenting
Peripheral Venograms/Angioplasties/Stenting
Fibrin Sheath Stripping
Infusion Catheters
Pleurex Catheters
Aorta Studies

Snider Community Heart Watch

After multiple cases of sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) in our community, Fairfield Medical Center employees saw a call to action. They decided to develop a program to create a more heart safe community. The Snider Community Heart Watch is a task force sponsored by Fairfield Medical Center that includes more than 30 people, including physicians, nurses, community members and other FMC employees. The purpose and passion of this group is to increase awareness about SCA and to decrease deaths among people who experience SCA.

The group started a Public Access AED Purchasing Program to provide AEDs (automated external defibrillators) at a more affordable rate for organizations and individuals. In addition, the Community Heart Watch started an initiative to train more people in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). With the group's CPR Day in May 2012, they trained more than 2,400 people.

For more information, contact the Snider Community Heart Watch at (740) 689-6893.

Arctic Sun Treatment:

A cool treatment for heart and stroke care. 

Fairfield Medical Center is one of the few hospitals in central Ohio to initiate a cutting-edge technology called the Arctic Sun. The Arctic Sun is the first non-invasive, sophisticated patient-cooling system that quickly and easily controls, monitors and precisely maintains core body temperature in a therapeutic range. A growing body of research demonstrates that mild hypothermia could potentially have a protective effect by reducing damage from cardiac arrest, stroke, brain injury and other traumatic events. Because the Arctic Sun is simple, safe, and easy-to-use, nursing staff can initiate hypothermia therapy soon after a patient arrives for care. The system accurately monitors and controls a patient's temperature in the range of 33 to 37 degrees Celsius.

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