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Are you or someone you love struggling with the effects of obesity? Fairfield Medical Center has services that can help you with your journey to a healthier lifestyle.

Dr. Timothy Custer, M.D., F.A.C.S. has performed more than 1,000 bariatric procedures over the past decade. Patients who are interested in bariatric surgery, can contact Dr. Custer through his office.
Central Ohio General Surgeons
Riverview Medical Offices
2405 North Columbus Street, Suite 250
Lancaster, Ohio 43130

Nutrition Education and Counseling is available through Fairfield Medical Center. A bariatric registered dietitian can provide personalized plans and health coaching to patients. Whether the patient is undergoing medical weight loss management or a bariatric surgical option, our dieticians can assist you with your journey through classes or one to one counseling. Talk with your doctor and ask about a referral for one on one counseling with a registered dietitian.