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Fairfield Medical Center, in conjunction with Dr. Timothy Custer, has developed a comprehensive approach to
bariatric surgery – one that provides extensive support both before and following surgery to help ensure long-term weight management success.

FMC’s bariatric surgery program is run by a highly specialized team that is unmatched
in experience and expertise, making it the only weight-loss surgery program of its kind in Ohio. The team is led by surgeon Dr. Timothy Custer, who has performed more than 1,000 bariatric procedures over the past decade. He is joined by Dr. Robert Zee, a board-certified bariatrician who specializes in the medical management of obesity and related health conditions.

The program is supported by a Bariatric Psychologist Dr. Jeannine Abbott, who helps ensure patients adjust well emotionally as they step into a healthier lifestyle. FMC’s team also includes an exercise specialist and a bariatric registered dietitian who provide personalized plans and health coaching to patients before, during and after surgery. A bariatric support group provides ongoing encouragement and support.

If you or someone you love is struggling with the effects of obesity. Aside from reducing a person’s quality of life, obesity can be a serious, life-threatening medical condition. While diet and exercise are essential to long-term weight management, it has been found that less than four percent of obese individuals are able to sustain weight loss through diet and exercise alone. When you couple this with the fact that obesity can shorten a person’s lifespan by eight to 15 years, it becomes clear why more individuals are choosing bariatric surgery.

Not only can bariatric surgery help extend your life, it can have a dramatic impact on the quality of your life. Obesity contributes to a wide range of health problems. Although results may vary, clinical studies have shown that bariatric surgery can reduce or improve a variety of health conditions, including:

•     Type II Diabetes
•     High Blood Pressure
•     High Cholesterol
•     Sleep Apnea
•     Acid Reflux (GERD)
•     Joint Pain
•     Depression
•     Infertility

If you or a loved one could benefit from bariatric surgery, we encourage you to take the first step. FMC offers a private phone consultation with highly experienced bariatric nurse, Pam Dye. As the Bariatric Program Coordinator, Pam can answer your questions in a confidential conversation, from insurance coverage to surgery considerations. Begin your journey to a healthier lifestyle today by calling Pam, at 740-689-4460.