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Cancer Support Community

Cancer Support Community

A cancer diagnosis can be challenging for all who are touched by it – both patients and their loved ones. Cancer Support Community is the first place people look to when cancer enters their lives, and is a natural partner for the Fairfield Medical Center Cancer Care Program. From educational resources to helping patients feel empowered and prepared, to supportive services in-person or over the phone, the programs and services offered will help people on their cancer journey by providing quality social and emotional support programs, free of charge.

Programs and services for patients, caregivers and family members will include:
Support: The need for social and emotional support is ongoing as individuals face diagnosis, treatment and the long term challenges of living with cancer. Frustration and isolation are often considered two of the biggest personal issues for caregivers and family members. Weekly Cancer Support Group meetings are held at the Cancer Care and Infusion Center from 3-4:30 p.m.

Education: The patient can take an active role in their care through Frankly Speaking About Cancer® educational programs and a cancer resource library.

CancerSupportSource™: More than half of those diagnosed with cancer report some level of emotional distress. This web-based questionnaire allows patients to prioritize concerns and identify the specific assistance they need in creating an individualized care plan.

Open to Options®: To facilitate more effective doctor-patient communication, this program helps the patient create a clear, comprehensive list of individualized questions for their next healthcare appointment.

Cancer Experience Registry: This is a community of people impacted by cancer who are making their voices heard. Ten thousand strong and growing, this platform elevates the voice of cancer patients while keeping personal information confidential.

We are excited about our partnership with Cancer Support Community. By adding these unparalleled care and educational components, Fairfield Medical Center’s Cancer Care Program will provide a patient-centered system of care to improve the outcomes of people impacted by cancer. If you have any questions regarding the new programs and services, please don’t hesitate to contact us by phone at 740-687-6900.