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If seeking chemotherapy as a curative measure for cancer, Fairfield Medical Center’s Chemotherapy department is designed to make you and your loved ones feel as content as possible.

The Chemotherapy department provides treatment regimens, as well as palliative care when needed. The cancer care team works diligently to make every patient as comfortable as possible during each of his or her treatment visits.

Chemotherapy treatments can be lengthy at times, so patients and their families need to feel as comfortable as possible during their treatment stay. Each chemo station is equipped with new patient chairs and a television.  It isn't just the furniture that makes patients comfortable; it is also the caring and devoted staff.

Nurses in the Chemotherapy department spend hours and sometimes, entire days with patients receiving treatment. Because of  amount of the time the chemotherapy nurses spend with their patients, they often form a bond. Just as Fairfield Medical Center’s cancer care team works to educate patients and their families about treatments administered, patients also offer important lessons to cancer care team members.

“I feel blessed to be able to share this time with those patients. They share so much and I learn so much about living,” said Connie Spackey, a registered nurse in Chemotherapy. “They teach us things – like how precious life can be and to be thankful for the little things,” she said.

The Chemotherapy nurses work closely with the medical and radiation oncologists and staff. “We are a team and teamwork here is so important,” said Angie Frye, also a registered Chemotherapy nurse.

The Chemotherapy department is easily accessible to patients, located just inside the Fairfield Medical Center Pavilion.

Regular hours are 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Please contact our Chemotherapy department with questions or for information at 740-687-6900.