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Colon Cancer Treatments

Our family of experts focus all of their exceptional expertise and experiences on each patient with colon cancer. The comprehensive care you receive is designed to provide you with the most-efficient, least-invasive treatment, while making sure that you maintain the best possible quality of life.

Treatment Options for Colon Cancer

The most common treatment options are surgical procedures to remove any diseased polyp, any of the infected tissue, the infected part of the organ, or all of the organ. 

In advanced stages of colon cancer, chemoembolization may be performed. Chemoembolization is a procedure in which the blood supply to a tumor is blocked after anticancer drugs are given in blood vessels near the tumor. This procedure allows a higher amount of the prescribed drug to reach the tumor for a longer period of time, which may kill more cancer cells.

Radiation therapy is another option for advanced cases of colon cancer. Radiation therapy uses high-energy radiation to kill cancer cells by damaging their DNA. The radiation used for cancer treatment may come from a machine outside the body, or it may come from radioactive material placed in the body near tumor cells or injected into the bloodstream.

Radiation therapy can damage normal cells as well as cancer cells. Therefore, treatment must be carefully planned to minimize side effects.