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Oncology Nurse Navigators

Do you sometimes feel as if you could use some assistance to get the care you need?

Fairfield Medical Center's oncology nurse navigators are here to provide Fairfield Medical Center patients with that help. The specially trained staff in this cutting edge program provide the support to patients and their families needed to guide them through the cancer care system. While nurse navigators limit assistance to Fairfield Medical Center patients, the Cancer Resource Center is open to patients of other facilities.

Oncology nurse navigators wear many hats as they direct cancer patients and their families through unfamiliar healthcare territory. They work to support and educate patients, as well as keep communication open between physicians, patients and their families so that everyone understands the diagnosis and treatment plans needed.

Ivy O’Neal, oncology nurse navigator, acts as an advocate for Fairfield Medical Center cancer patients. Her goal is to make the journey less complex and more comfortable for patients. Nurse navigators assist cancer patients and their families by offering a broad array of services:

  • Education regarding diagnosis and treatment
  • What to expect before, during and after surgery
  • Referrals and appointments
  • Emotional support for patients and loved ones
  • Collaborates with financial aid representatives in assisting with any financial questions and/or concerns
  • Direct patient to local resources and support
  • Getting questions answered

Nurse Navigators:

Ivy O'Neal, B.S.N., R.N., O.C.N.
Oncology Nurse Navigator
Specializes in lung and head/neck cancer and is trained to also assist patients with all other cancer types.
740-689-6889 Office
740-243-8471 Cell

Shelly K Romine, M.S.N., R.N., B.C., C.C.R.N.
Oncology Nurse Navigator
Specializes in breast and colon cancers.
Fairfield Medical Center
740-687-8863 Office
740-243-4815 Cell