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Taking Care of Your Baby's Needs

After an initial observation period and once your baby’s temperature has stabilized, your newborn will be placed in a bassinet at your bedside. Our family-centered approach encourages you to share in the mother-baby nursing experience with your baby. No one can care for and give love to your baby as well as you, but you can take comfort in knowing the nursery is available day or night if you or your support person needs assistance.


We encourage you to breastfeed your baby on demand. As natural as this is, babies will sometimes have difficulties with breastfeeding. There is no need to worry, as an experienced lactation consultant is on hand to advise or assist you in the privacy of your suite. If you have questions regarding breastfeeding after you return home, you can call (740) 687-8953 and talk to a lactation consultant.

Bottle Feeding

If you choose to bottle feed, we will provide you with enough formula for each day you’re with us. Use a new bottle of formula for each feeding. Once opened, formula should be used within an hour.


A variety of means are provided during your stay to help you learn how to care for your newborn. Our closed-circuit TV channel 16 is dedicated to new baby and mother care. Literature is also located along the hallways throughout the Maternity Unit. Upon request, we offer a baby bath demonstration and, as always, the nurses are available to help you learn how to care for your baby with confidence.

Babies spend much of their time sleeping. But even when sleeping, your baby will need care. Place your baby in your suite’s bassinet on his or her back. Never leave your baby, whether asleep or awake, unattended on your bed.

We stock each bassinet with everything you’ll need to care for your baby during your stay. This includes a suction bulb, disposable diapers, clean linens, formula, alcohol wipes and baby wipes. While much of the emphasis here is placed on baby care, we also understand that new moms need a lot of attention, too. So our nurses, working with your physician, will make sure you not only receive the appropriate treatment and medication, but sufficient rest and relaxation as well.


Many safety issues are in place to make sure you and your baby’s stay is not only comfortable but safe. Identification bands are placed on you, your baby and an accompanying support person immediately following delivery. Only individuals who are wearing the appropriate band are able to retrieve your baby from the nursery. Sensor monitors are also applied to protect the baby from being removed from the Maternity Unit. When a sensor alarms, all hospital personnel respond quickly.

Also for security purposes, the unit is locked. Visitors are required to buzz an intercom in order to gain access to the unit. Only specified hospital staff have access to the unit. Please inform your family and friends that this is in place.


Let us know who you have chosen for your baby’s doctor and we will notify him or her of your baby’s birth. Your pediatrician will examine your baby within 12 hours after birth, conveniently in your room at your bedside. This is a perfect opportunity for the physician to review baby care items with you and for you to obtain answers to any questions that you may have. He or she will also perform any medical procedures that may need to be completed on your baby.