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Pain Management

Our anesthesiologists provide the latest technology so you can be comfortable not only during surgery, but also after surgery. Your anesthesiologists will explain what he or she will be doing and make sure you are comfortable and ready for surgery. 

A femoral nerve block will be performed, also referred to as a C-block, to provide pain relief right at the site without side effects associated with other pain relievers such as morphine. This block remains in place until you are discharged, but will be decreased periodically throughout your stay. With the introduction of the femoral nerve block program, usage of oral pain control medication has been reduced by 28 percent for total joint replacement patients. 

Learn more about the OnQ C-Block by watching this short video.

Expert physical therapists provide therapy to patients and licensed massage therapists offer orthopedic massage, as a result, all working together to increase your comfort while decreasing your need for pain control medication.