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Before Your Surgery

Your surgeon will schedule your procedure and the hospital’s pre-surgery nursing staff will contact you for a pre-operative interview. This interview may be completed by phone or at the pre-surgery testing center. 

You may be contacted by Fairfield Medical Center's registration department prior to your procedure. They will obtain your insurance and demographic information.

You may be contacted by a financial counselor prior to your surgery to discuss your financial obligations. Please let him or her know if you will have difficulty paying your portion of the hospital bill and you will be provided information about opportunities available for financial assistance.

The day before your surgery, you will be notified of the time to arrive. It is important that we can reach you. If you will be at a different phone number please let your surgeon or the pre-surgery nurse know. If you do not receive a phone call by 3 p.m. the day before your surgery, please contact Pre-surgery Testing, at 740-689-6314.

If you develop symptoms of a cold, sore throat, fever, etc., or if you suspect you’re pregnant, please notify your surgeon or nurse prior to your surgery.

If you need to cancel your surgery for any reason, please contact your surgeon immediately.

You may be required to have blood tests, X-rays and/or an EKG test performed before your surgery. Your physician’s office will order these for you. Please get these done as soon as possible, within seven days prior to the procedure.