Robotic-Assisted Surgery Equipment

Robotic-Assisted Surgery Equipment
Surgeon Console Patient Cart Vision Cart

Surgeon Console

The surgeon sits next to you at the surgeon console. 

  • Here, they look through a view finder that provides them with a magnified, high-definition, 3D image of your surgery.
  • Using the controls at the console, the surgical instruments follow your provider's motions exactly, acting like an extension of their hands - the instruments even have "wrists" that allow them to move in all directions. This technology improves range of motion while ensuring stability and precision.

Patient Cart

Your surgical team will be gathered around you and the patient cart. 

  • This piece of equipment will be positioned next to you and contains all of the "arms" and instruments that your surgeon controls from the console.
  • Remember, your surgeon is in complete control of the device at all times.

Vision Cart

The last piece of robotic-assisted surgery equipment in the room will be the vision cart.

  • This screen keeps your surgical team in tune with your surgeon and the makes high-tech visualization possible.