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FMC Foundation Donates $112,964 to FMC Maternity Services

With the help of our generous community, the FMC Foundation was able to contribute $112,964 to support Maternity services at Fairfield Medical Center.

Fairfield Medical Center
FMC Performs New Life Saving Heart Procedure

A new, minimally invasive treatment option for patients living with a common form of valvular heart disease is now being offered at Fairfield Medical Center.

Bloom Carroll CPR
Over 100 Students at Bloom Carroll High School Received CPR Training

On Friday, Dec. 20, Fairfield Medical Center and the Greenfield Township Fire Department worked together to accomplish a common goal: to increase CPR awareness in the community.

Man in grey sweatshirt on stationary bike next to nurse
Tending to the Heart – Tim’s Heart Story

Following a heart transplant, Tim Graham turned to FMC’s Heart & Lung Fund for cardiac rehab assistance.

Carla Munsey
A Matter of Trust – Carla’s Cancer Story

Carla Munsey may be battling cancer for the fifth time, but that has never stopped her from living life to the fullest.

FMC Patient Julie Lindsey
Fearless Fighter – Julie’s Vascular Story

Dialysis treatment left Julie Lindsey feeling self-conscious about the access site on her arm. She was told nothing could be done – until she sought a second opinion at FMC.

Stroke patient Jackie Bailey and family
Time On My Side – Jackie’s Stroke Story

Despite a delay in seeking treatment, Jackie Bailey’s care teams at FMC and The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center were able to race against the clock to save her life following a sudden stroke.

FMC Heart patient Chuck Snider
Against All Odds – Chuck’s Heart Story

Chuck Snider, a long-time resident of the greater Toledo area, is no stranger to the Lancaster community. “I grew up here, and I graduated from Berne Union High School,” he shared. “To come back and see Fairfield Medical Center after all this time has been incredible; it’s an excellent hospital.”

FMC Ortho patient Bri West
Redefining Goals – Bri’s Therapy Story

After two knee injuries sidelined soccer player Bri West, the therapy team at Fairfield Medical Center inspired her to reach a new goal.

A Mission Of Healing – Christine’s Cancer Story

Christine Arni has devoted her life to helping others. When a diagnosis of breast cancer threatened to stand in her way, the cancer care team at FMC helped to ensure that Christine’s upcoming mission trip wouldn’t have to be put on hold.

Wound care patient and wife on beach2
Whole New World – Donald’s Wound Care Story

In March 2018, Donald Tinnermann was facing an unexpected – and uncertain – future. Fortunately, after receiving care for more than a year at various medical facilities, including Fairfield Medical Center’s Wound Clinic, his life is finally back on track.

FMC Foundation Colleen Justus
A Servant’s Heart

When you feel blessed to have an abundance, you have a responsibility to do something with it.

A New (& Healthier) Normal – Kim’s Diabetes Story

With the help of Fairfield Medical Center’s Diabetes Support Group, Kim Coakley isn’t letting her diagnosis define her.

Jay Truesdell AfIB patient
Keeping the Pace – Jay’s Heart Story

When Afib threatened to keep Jay Truesdell from his passion, FMC got him back on track.

A Second Chance at Life – Don’s Vascular Story

Four out of five people don’t survive a ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysm, but Don Dupler was one of the lucky ones.

FNC Therapy patient Mike Lanfried
Unstoppable Drive – Mike’s Therapy Story

Mike Landfried’s unbelievable determination to overcome a stroke that temporarily robbed him of his ability to speak and walk is inspiring other stroke patients.

Urgent Care Patient Scott Richardson 2
Cleared For Take Off – Scott’s Urgent Care Story

When pilot Scott Richardson found himself dealing with a medical issue over a holiday weekend, the First Medical Urgent Care was on call to give him the quick treatment he needed.

Surviving the Unexpected – Rachael’s Maternity Story

A week after delivering her first baby, maternity nurse Rachael Hall was back in the hospital with a rare and serious pregnancy complication.

Senior heart patient planting flowers with wife and grandson
The Root of the Problem – Ron’s Heart Story

Ron Ramey thought his on-again, off-again chest pain was a symptom of acid reflux – until a trip to FMC’s Emergency Dept. uncovered a serious cardiac problem.

A Grateful Heart – Darlene’s Heart Story

A team approach and personalized care made Monroe County resident Darlene Winland feel right at home at FMC following an unexpected cardiac arrest.

Sondra Kern
Back in the Swing – Sondra’s Orthopedic Story

Severe back pain was keeping Sondra Kern from her passion – until she met with the orthopedic team at FMC.


The Nature of Teamwork – Tony’s Therapy Story

When Tony McGallicher underwent shoulder surgery in 2016, he did a lot of research when it came time to select a place to receive his rehabilitation therapy. As a Supervisory Federal Law Enforcement Officer, a job that can be physically demanding, Tony knew it would take a group of specialized therapists to get him to a place where he could effectively return to his job duties.

Young female cancer survivor running in a park
Grace Under Pressure – Grace’s Journey with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma

The day that Mary Grace Gundelfinger rang the bell to symbolically end her cancer treatments, she was joined by a lot of people who – like her – had been anxiously waiting for this moment.

FMC Cancer patient Traci Mahler and Family
Cheering On the Fight Against Breast Cancer.

Students at Fairfield Union have been wearing a lot more pink than red and black this year, and no one is more surprised than the person who inspired it all – middle school librarian Traci Mahler. When Traci was diagnosed with breast cancer right before the start of the school year, she decided to be upfront with her students about the battle she was about to face.

Stroke patient Elijah and family
Focused on the Future – Elijah’s Stroke Story

It came with no warning. One moment, Elijah Crum was relaxing at his boyfriend’s house – the next, he was doubled over with excruciating head pain. 

“It was the worst pain I have ever experienced,” Elijah, 18, of Lancaster, recalls. “Everything was getting really hot and then I vomited everywhere. That’s the last thing I remember before I passed out.”

Mom and daughter in front of Emergency Care
Hearts of Gold – Nikki’s Heart Care Story

From the EMS who wouldn’t leave her side to the clinicians who cared for her and her family, Nikki Griffin has one word to describe her experience: heartfelt.

Female cancer survivor with her team of providers
Unbeatable Teamwork – Patti’s Breast Cancer Journey

Patti Hayes beat cancer twice with the help of a team of doctors and nurses who provided a comprehensive approach to her care.

FMC Cancer Care patient Fran Miller
Experience the Determination – Fran’s Cancer Journey

Fran Miller isn’t about to let cancer define who she is as a person – and neither will the staff at Fairfield Medical Center.