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Article originally published February 24, 2020.

In 2016 my world changed in the blink of an eye when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Following my diagnosis, I had a biopsy done and two additional surgeries followed then by thirty radiation treatments. (five days a week for six weeks). Before I began my radiation treatments, my doctor explained to me the side effects that I might experience. I knew what could happen but was not ready for what did happen. The first two weeks were pretty easy not many effects. The third week I began to feel the side effects. I felt nauseous, extremely fatigued, and overwhelmingly tired. Because of the side effects I was only able to work Monday through Wednesday, By Thursday the side effects were too much for me to go to work. The fifth week my skin began to burn which for me made my side effects all the worse.

When I heard about the possible purchase of the Linear Accelerator, I thought back to my own experience and how different it might have been. Only 15 radiation treatments, dramatically less fatigue and nausea and possibly no burning. I wouldn’t have had to miss so much work and I could have gotten back to the business of living with Cancer behind me much sooner. I can’t help but think, “if the Linear Accelerator could have done all that for me, how less frightening it might be for someone who is just starting their journey through cancer”.

Christa Moody