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It's normal to have questions.

While we haven’t yet received additional information on President Biden’s executive order regarding vaccination in the workplace, we know federal guidance is forthcoming. And as a healthcare organization that receives Medicare and Medicaid funding, there is no question we must remain compliant for the sake of the community we serve.

We understand, however, that some of you may be feeling uneasy about this transition. Our goal is to help alleviate concerns by answering any vaccination questions you may have.


We want to provide answers.

To anonymously submit a vaccination question, please utilize the form below. These submissions will not be associated with your email address and do not require any identifying information.

Questions submitted by Oct. 8 will be compiled and answered by our experts via video in mid-October. Answers to any questions submitted after this date can be found on the Intranet’s Emergency Preparedness page.

Please remain respectful and feel free to ask any questions associated with the COVID-19 vaccine below. 

Complete the following: