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For the protection of our community, in person fundraising activities are currently postponed. Please check back for more information.

Please contact the FMC Foundation team at 740-687-8107 if you are interested in learning more about tax deductible donations.

We ask that you continue to support FMC, the FMC Foundation and our community during this time by using all the tools available to stop this pandemic – wear a mask (regardless of your vaccination status), social distance appropriately, stay home if you are sick, and get the facts about COVID-19 vaccines. Click here to access FMC’s COVID-19 resource center.

At the annual Food and Wine Tasting, you will not only enjoy a fabulous evening out but your senses will be delighted! Delicious wines and amazing food will be sampled.

Supporting: Cancer Services in 2020 through the purchase of the linear accelerator.

This advanced radiation technology offers an opportunity to expand the options available to our patients. Cancer patients will endure fewer treatments as they will be given a higher dose of radiation during treatments and reduce the time of those treatments. The linear accelerator allows physicians to provide more accurate treatment, while causing less damage to healthy tissue. When you attend the Wine Tasting, you are funding this need.