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Support for the Whole You

Oncology social worker comforting female cancer patientOur oncology social worker offers you emotional and social support through your cancer treatment process and into survivorship. Services offered include individual and family counseling services, coping strategies, self-care techniques and caregiver support. Your social worker will work closely with your nurse navigator and the rest of your oncology team to ensure that you are receiving the best all-around care possible. To speak with the oncology social worker, call 740-689-4431.

Services offered include:

  • Discussion points for sharing your diagnosis with children, family and friends
  • Dealing with the mental effects of the physical changes caused by cancer treatment
  • Mental health screening and resources
  • Coping strategies for stress, anxiety and depression
  • Self-care techniques for patients and caregivers
  • Assistance with finding financial resources for medication, medical equipment or home healthcare
  • Managing social or emotional issues that result from your cancer diagnosis or treatment
  • Survivorship transition
  • Caregiver support during end-of-life transition through self-care resources and anticipatory grief processing
Young woman hugs senior woman in wheelchair

Comfort for You and Your Family

Individual and family counseling services are available to you through our oncology social worker. You can choose to see an outside counselor, set an appointment with your social worker at your convenience or even speak with your social worker while you are receiving your treatment. Counseling is offered to patients and family members individually, or as a family.

We're Here to Help

To learn more about the services available or to speak with the oncology social worker, call 740-689-4431.