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Quitters Always Win! No ifs, ands, or BUTTS

Tobacco Cessation ProgramThe Tobacco Cessation Program at Fairfield Medical Center is designed to help tobacco users kick the habit. Participants learn the risks of smoking cigarettes, using smokeless tobacco, and smoking e-cigarettes (vaping), as well as the benefits of quitting for self and others. Support and counseling will be used to assist participants in developing a comprehensive plan to stop tobacco use.

The programs covers and includes the following subjects:

  • Developing substitutions and distractions
  • Family support/choosing allies
  • Identifying triggers
  • Learning from past attempts to quit
  • Medications including nicotine replacement
  • Methods of quitting
  • Tips for managing withdrawal
  • Track progress through program journal


Ready to break the habit?

Call the tobacco cessation coordinator at 740-689-4404 or email Intake examinations are available if you do not have a primary care provider.

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What You Need to Know About Tobacco Use and COVID-19

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