Wound Clinic

Fairfield Medical Center's Wound Clinic specializes in healing chronic wounds. If you are suffering from a non-healing wound, you are not alone. Every year, 3 to 5 million Americans just like you are kept from doing the things they love to do because of chronic wounds caused by diabetes, poor circulation or other conditions. With years of experience in treating wounds, our wound clinic can help. Our team of board-certified physicians and wound-certified nurses are dedicated to treating these hard-to-heal wounds, including many that have failed to heal after months and even years of traditional treatment. Many of our patients are completely healed in just a few months by using a personalized plan of various and state-of-the-art treatments. The wound clinic discusses your treatment program with your personal doctor and keeps him or her updated about your progress. Patients must continue routine medical care while also receiving care from the Wound Clinic.

For more information about FMC’s Wound Clinic, please call 740-689-6430.

Outpatient Wound Clinic
135 North Ewing Street, Suite 302
Lancaster, Ohio 43130
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Open Monday through Friday by appointment

Infusion Clinic

1253 East Main Street, Lancaster, Ohio 43130
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Call: 740-687-8805
Monday - Friday

Sports Clinic/Worklife, Physical Therapy, Speech Therapy, WorkLife Program


We offer a full spectrum of outpatient therapy service to all ages. This facility is conveniently located in the Kroger Shopping Center, providing patients with easy and convenient parking.

East Main Street Location

1143 East Main Street, Lancaster, Ohio 43130
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Call: 740-687-8602
Monday - Friday, 7 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.

North Ewing Street Location

135 North Ewing Street, Suite 303, Lancaster, Ohio 43130
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Call: 740-689-6390
Monday - Friday, By Appointment

Conveniently located in the Fairfield Medical Center Surgery Pavilion, this facility offers comprehensive sleep studies and physician consultations.

Southeast Ohio Sleep Disorders Center

Fairfield Medical Center recently opened the Internal Medicine Residency Clinic at Colonnade. The clinic is a teaching clinic for 1st year residents who take on the primary care of the patients with the supervision of one of the group’s board certified attending physicians: Dr. Troy Edwards, Dr. Stephanie Ott, Dr. Tarun Mehra and Dr. Neel Raya.The new clinic has been open for close to 3 months and has grown quite busy in this short time.

The clinics goal is to provide patients with thorough care while also providing an extensive learning program for the residents, which come from the Ohio Universities College of Osteopathic Medicine. The teaching/learning aspect greatly benefits the patients and the resident as it results in more face to face time for the patient than one would receive at most primary care offices.

The facility is open Monday through Friday from 1 to 4pm, accepts patients by appointment only and accepts any and all insurances along with self-pay patients. In addition to quality primary care services, the Internal Medicine clinic can provide EKG’s, medication samples, perform minor procedures and provide referrals to its patients. While the clinic can provide some medication samples, it is important to note that it is not a pain management clinic, and its true focus is primary care.

1550 Sheridan Drive, Suite 203, Lancaster, Ohio 43130
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Call: 740-687-8397