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A Patient-Centered Experience

We are dedicated to providing superior care to those individuals whose lives are entrusted to us. Our primary focus is to respond to their needs. From childbirth to orthopedics, bumps and scrapes to surgery and everything in between, we want our patients to experience the very latest in medical care and wellness, regardless of whether their stay is just for an hour or a couple of days.

To that end, we employ the most current medical technologies, techniques and talent, while appealing to each patient’s individual needs and desires, rather than just highlighting conditions or facilities. It is this dedication and focus that creates a positive experience for all who come through our doors.

These are just a few of their stories.

Jay Truesdell stroke patient
In the Right Place, at the Right Time – Jay’s Stroke Story

When Jay Truesdell suffered a stroke in 2019, he was in the right place at the right time. A former physical therapist assistant, Jay had just arrived for his shift at Fairfield Medical Center when he decided to stop in the cafeteria for breakfast. While standing at the cash register, he began to experience a sharp pain in his head. Other symptoms, such as fatigue, weakness in his left arm and confusion, soon followed.

Rhonda Wood
Taking Control – Rhonda’s Stroke Story

Rhonda Wood, who works in FMC’s Radiology Department, never thought a stroke would happen to her. That all changed on Christmas Day 2022 when she experienced sudden, unexplained numbness on her left side.

Fairfield Medical Center
Preventative Measures

A new DNA test offered at the Fairfield Medical Heartburn Center is helping patients such as Bill Maffit identify health issues that could lead to esophageal cancer if left untreated.

Catherine at work
A Fight to the Finish – Catherine’s Breast Cancer Story

When Catherine Brock, 33, discovered a lump in her breast during a self-exam, her care team at FMC moved quickly to diagnose and treat her cancer. Now she’s encouraging other women to be proactive when it comes to their breast health.

Amanda at Trout Club
A Heartfelt Approach – Amanda’s Arrhythmia Story

When a severe anxiety disorder made it difficult for Amanda Reynolds to seek care for a heart condition, her cardiology team at Fairfield Medical Center helped guide her through the process with compassion and understanding.

A Specialized Solution – Robotic Surgery

After years of severe pain and failed remedies, Makala Shipley feared she would never find a solution to her gallbladder issues – until she learned about FMC’s robotic surgery program.

Not Skipping a Beat – Jack’s TAVR Story

Avid outdoorsman Jack Campbell is rediscovering his passions and enjoying a renewed sense of energy following minimally invasive heart surgery.

Living Life in Rhythm – The Vaughan’s Heart Care Story

Community Heart Watch, a program that started a decade ago through Fairfield Medical Center, aims to save lives from cardiac arrest while also making a difference for residents such as Andrew Vaughan and his son, Ryder, who both live with the same heart condition.

Audra Harden - One Step at a Time
One Step at a Time – Audra’s Wound Care Story

After narrowly avoiding a lower limb amputation, FMC Wound Clinic patient Audra Harden is back on her feet again – and raising awareness about a common chronic disease.

Stronger Together – Abby & Kate’s Orthopedic Story

After experiencing similar sports-related injuries, teammates Kate Gavin and Abby Kenney teamed up to motivate and support one another through their therapy sessions.

Raise Your Voice – Women’s Health

When Sarah Hutchinson’s unsettling health concerns weren’t being addressed by her provider, she switched her care to Fairfield Healthcare Professionals – and uncovered a life-changing diagnosis.

Heartburn to Healing – Karen’s Heartburn Story

When Karen Kampe began experiencing sudden, severe chest pain, she feared something might be wrong with her heart. Her care team at Fairfield Medical Center quickly confirmed that the pain wasn’t cardiac-related, but rather a rare gastrointestinal condition that required emergency surgery.

Connection Beyond Primary Care

Primary care is truly at the heart of wellness. From disease management to general wellness (and everything in between), the Dum family knows they can always count on their primary care provider for guidance and support.

Living Proof – Mike’s Heart Care Story

After years of avoiding routine check-ups, a near-fatal event has Mike North counting his blessings – and encouraging others not to put off their preventative care.

Surviving and Thriving – Deb’s Heart Story

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in women, and Deb Gilbert almost contributed to that statistic. Thanks to her grandson’s lifesaving actions and the care of her cardiac and therapy teams at FMC, Deb is now urging other women to pay attention to the warning signs that she ignored.

Making Strides – Terri’s Stroke Story

After a stroke affected the use of Terri Garrett’s left arm and hand, her therapy team at FMC helped her establish a plan of action to reclaim the mobility she had lost.

A Reassuring Presence – Levi’s Pediatric Story

When Levi Vanatta required hospitalization following an RSV diagnosis, his care team at FMC pulled together to help him make a full recovery.

Healthy Habits: Preventative Maintenance

Guest Columnist Dylan Ekstrand, DO, explains the importance of regular check-ups and screenings with a primary care provider in navigating the “check engine” lights of your body.

Hope in Full Bloom – Patty’s Lung Cancer Journey

Patty Swinehart opted to undergo a lung cancer screening, a decision that proved to be lifesaving when the test uncovered two spots on her lung.

Cardiac Rehab: Confidence in Recovery

Surviving a heart scare often marks the start of a new, health-focused lifestyle. For many, it’s a realization that can feel overwhelming. This was certainly true for Keith Garrett, now 57, of Lancaster. Hours after experiencing a cardiac event and receiving care at Fairfield Medical Center, Keith found himself wondering what his future might look like. Fortunately for him, his doctor instructed him to enroll in FMC’s Cardiac Rehabilitation Program in the coming weeks.

Fairfield Medical Center
Healthy Habits: 5 Tips to Battle Holiday Weight Gain

Guest Columnist Olivia Clevenger, RD, LD, CNSC, Nutrition Therapy, gives us five tips to battle weight gain while still indulging in some seasonal favorites.

Peace of Mind – Tracy’s Breast Cancer Journey

After almost putting off a routine mammogram that would end up revealing a breast cancer diagnosis, Tracy Gerardi has a message for other women: Do not delay your annual screening.

The Long Road Home – Dale’s Heart Care Journey

In a year full of challenges and tribulations, heart attack survivor Dale Richardson and his girlfriend Merri found comfort in two simple realizations: Miracles are possible, and the world is full of kind people.

Meagan Lane (left) and Haley Moku, RN, hold a photo of their husbands, Jeremy Lane (left) and Kawailani Moku.
Support & Serve – Meagan’s Maternity Story

Patient Meagan Lane and maternity nurse Haley Moku, RN, developed a special bond in the delivery room after they learned that their families share an extraordinary connection.

Feeling the Burn – Drew’s Heartburn Story

After taking medication for years to control his heartburn, Drew Mace wanted a permanent solution. He opted to undergo anti-reflux surgery at FMC – and hasn’t touched his medication since.

Motivated to Move – Sam’s Orthopedic Story

When knee pain was keeping Sam Price from the activities he enjoyed, he turned to FMC for a solution. Two knee surgeries later, he’s pain free and back to doing what he loves.

Colon cancer survivor with husband
Experience the Teamwork – Deb’s Colon Cancer Story

When FMC nurse Deb Klinger made an appointment for her first colonoscopy, she wasn’t prepared for was the life-changing news of a colon cancer diagnosis.

Senior couple smiling together
Beating Heart Valve Disease

In 2019, David Mast noticed he had less energy than he used to. The Structural Heart Team at FMC quickly determined he was suffering from aortic stenosis – and they made a plan to fix it. Learn more about the symptoms of aortic stenosis and valve disease treatment.

Heidi and Saddlers 2
Heroes & Hope in Uncertain Times – A COVID-19 Care Story

At Fairfield Medical Center, we are fortunate to have witnessed many inspiring, hopeful stories that have come about as a result of COVID-19.

Scott Hardwick cardiology
Heart of the Community – Scott’s Heart Care Story

Sudden cardiac arrest survivor Scott Hardwick nearly died multiple times in one day, but the quick thinking and action of his caregivers saved his life.

Mike Miller stroke patient
A Crucial Call – Mike’s Stroke Story

A fall at work brought on a series of events that Mike Miller never expected. The decisions made by his care team at FMC helped to ensure his quick recovery.

Shannon Russell
The Bond of Motherhood – Shannon’s Maternity Story

When Shannon Russell experienced a frightening complication shortly after giving birth, she felt comforted knowing her OB/GYN would see her through it.

Smiling man in uniform sitting at table with arms crossed
Battling the Burn – Kelly’s Heartburn Story

Tired of letting the pain and discomfort of heartburn run his life, Columbus firefighter Kelly Storts turned to the Fairfield Medical Heartburn Center for a solution.

Robert Jones FMC TAVR patient
State-of-the-Heart Technology

Robert “Bob” Jones recently became the first patient at Fairfield Medical Center to be treated with the TAVR procedure, an innovative alternative to open-heart surgery.

Finding His Voice – Josh’s Outpatient Therapy Care Story

Ever since the age of three, Josh Claybourn was unable to express his needs to others. With the help of the therapy team at FMC, he has finally found his voice.

Female heartburn patient with antacids she no longer needs
Breaking Free From Acid Reflux

Several months ago, it was almost guaranteed that wherever Dora Kern went, a bottle of antacids went with her.

Young woman in restaurant eating pasta
Getting Saucy Again – Priscilla’s Heartburn Story

Heartburn was keeping Priscilla Fitzsimmons from the food she loved – until she found relief through the Fairfield Medical Heartburn Center.

Mom baby and entire team
A Fighting Chance – Holly’s Maternity Story

Teamwork and sheer determination saved Holly and Carley Amerine’s lives – now Holly is educating other mothers about the importance of paying attention to their bodies during pregnancy.

Ophthalmology Larry Jackson
The Bright Side of Life – Larry’s Eye Care Story

Retired State Highway Patrol Trooper Larry Jackson didn’t realize how bad his vision was – until surgery made his world a whole lot clearer.

Enjoying the Ride – Delbert’s Heart Care Story

A small heart pump and a skilled team of caregivers at FMC saved Delbert Buck’s life following a sudden heart attack.

Tracy Oppenheimer
Tracy (Lape) Oppenheimer – Cancer Support Care

Seven years ago, Tracy started a yoga program at FMC for cancer patients, survivors and their support persons.

FMC Colon Cancer Patient Tracy
Tough as Iron – Tracy’s Colon Cancer Journey

As someone who has experienced a lot of cancer in her family, Tracy Simons has always been ultra-vigilant about her health.

Woman at table eating meal with family
Calming the Chaos – Marilyn’s Heartburn Care Story

When Marilyn Stephenson is asked to describe what life was like with chronic heartburn, a condition that plagued her for years and even landed her in the hospital, the word “chaos” always immediately comes to mind.

Brittany Devaull thowing a shot put
A Second Shot – Brittany’s Orthopedic Care Story

After re-tearing her ACL, Brittany Devall turned to FHP Orthopedics to help her get back on the field.

Gary Swope and wife walking
With Every Breath – Gary’s Stroke Care Story

As a retired wildlife officer, nothing gives Gary Swope more pleasure than being out amongst nature with a walking stick in hand and his wife, Margie, by his side.

When a stroke sidelined Gary several years ago, he worked hard to rehabilitate and get back to the outdoor activities he enjoys. He never imagined that just a short time later, his health would be challenged once again.

Van Camp Lobby presentation
The Lasting Heart – Paul’s Story of Giving

When it comes to the city of Lancaster, there was little in the community that Paul Van Camp’s philanthropic spirit didn’t touch during his lifetime. From local businesses to community organizations to healthcare, Van Camp was determined to do what he could to make his community a better place.

FMC Heart Patient Lisa Lipka
Matters of the Heart – Lisa’s Heart Care Story

When Lisa Lipka needed surgery to remove a large cyst near her heart, her FMC cardiovascular team was there to ease her concerns and help her heal.

Matt Taylor Kia Great Save
FMC Recognizes Lifesaving Efforts at Matt Taylor Kia

Fairfield Medical Center and the Greenfield Township Fire Department recognized the lifesaving efforts of staff at Matt Taylor Kia.

Man in grey sweatshirt on stationary bike next to nurse
Tending to the Heart – Tim’s Heart Story

Following a heart transplant, Tim Graham turned to FMC’s Heart & Lung Fund for cardiac rehab assistance.

FMC Patient Julie Lindsey
Fearless Fighter – Julie’s Vascular Story

Dialysis treatment left Julie Lindsey feeling self-conscious about the access site on her arm. She was told nothing could be done – until she sought a second opinion at FMC.

Stroke patient Jackie Bailey and family
Time On My Side – Jackie’s Stroke Story

Despite a delay in seeking treatment, Jackie Bailey’s care teams at FMC and The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center were able to race against the clock to save her life following a sudden stroke.

FMC Heart patient Chuck Snider
Against All Odds – Chuck’s Heart Story

Chuck Snider, a long-time resident of the greater Toledo area, is no stranger to the Lancaster community. “I grew up here, and I graduated from Berne Union High School,” he shared. “To come back and see Fairfield Medical Center after all this time has been incredible; it’s an excellent hospital.”

FMC Ortho patient Bri West
Redefining Goals – Bri’s Therapy Story

After two knee injuries sidelined soccer player Bri West, the therapy team at Fairfield Medical Center inspired her to reach a new goal.

Wound care patient and wife on beach2
Whole New World – Donald’s Wound Care Story

In March 2018, Donald Tinnermann was facing an unexpected – and uncertain – future. Fortunately, after receiving care for more than a year at various medical facilities, including Fairfield Medical Center’s Wound Clinic, his life is finally back on track.

A New (& Healthier) Normal – Kim’s Diabetes Story

With the help of Fairfield Medical Center’s Diabetes Support Group, Kim Coakley isn’t letting her diagnosis define her.

Jay Truesdell AfIB patient
Keeping the Pace – Jay’s Heart Story

When Afib threatened to keep Jay Truesdell from his passion, FMC got him back on track.

A Second Chance at Life – Don’s Vascular Story

Four out of five people don’t survive a ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysm, but Don Dupler was one of the lucky ones.

FNC Therapy patient Mike Lanfried
Unstoppable Drive – Mike’s Therapy Story

Mike Landfried’s unbelievable determination to overcome a stroke that temporarily robbed him of his ability to speak and walk is inspiring other stroke patients.

Urgent Care Patient Scott Richardson 2
Cleared For Take Off – Scott’s Urgent Care Story

When pilot Scott Richardson found himself dealing with a medical issue over a holiday weekend, the First Medical Urgent Care was on call to give him the quick treatment he needed.

Surviving the Unexpected – Rachael’s Maternity Story

A week after delivering her first baby, maternity nurse Rachael Hall was back in the hospital with a rare and serious pregnancy complication.

Senior heart patient planting flowers with wife and grandson
The Root of the Problem – Ron’s Heart Story

Ron Ramey thought his on-again, off-again chest pain was a symptom of acid reflux – until a trip to FMC’s Emergency Dept. uncovered a serious cardiac problem.

A Grateful Heart – Darlene’s Heart Story

A team approach and personalized care made Monroe County resident Darlene Winland feel right at home at FMC following an unexpected cardiac arrest.

Sondra Kern
Back in the Swing – Sondra’s Orthopedic Story

Severe back pain was keeping Sondra Kern from her passion – until she met with the orthopedic team at FMC.


The Nature of Teamwork – Tony’s Therapy Story

When Tony McGallicher underwent shoulder surgery in 2016, he did a lot of research when it came time to select a place to receive his rehabilitation therapy. As a Supervisory Federal Law Enforcement Officer, a job that can be physically demanding, Tony knew it would take a group of specialized therapists to get him to a place where he could effectively return to his job duties.

Young female cancer survivor running in a park
Grace Under Pressure – Grace’s Journey with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma

The day that Mary Grace Gundelfinger rang the bell to symbolically end her cancer treatments, she was joined by a lot of people who – like her – had been anxiously waiting for this moment.

Stroke patient Elijah and family
Focused on the Future – Elijah’s Stroke Story

It came with no warning. One moment, Elijah Crum was relaxing at his boyfriend’s house – the next, he was doubled over with excruciating head pain. 

“It was the worst pain I have ever experienced,” Elijah, 18, of Lancaster, recalls. “Everything was getting really hot and then I vomited everywhere. That’s the last thing I remember before I passed out.”

Mom and daughter in front of Emergency Care
Hearts of Gold – Nikki’s Heart Care Story

From the EMS who wouldn’t leave her side to the clinicians who cared for her and her family, Nikki Griffin has one word to describe her experience: heartfelt.

Female cancer survivor with her team of providers
Unbeatable Teamwork – Patti’s Breast Cancer Journey

Patti Hayes beat cancer twice with the help of a team of doctors and nurses who provided a comprehensive approach to her care.

Cancer patient Reindle family
Strength in Numbers – Renee’s Breast Cancer Journey

Renee Reindle’s family and the staff at Fairfield Medical Center have kept her strong in the biggest fight of her life.

Rick Cochran & Denise Bauer
Every Minute Counts – Rick’s Emergency Care Story

Rick Cochran and wife Denise Bauer have discovered what truly matters in life after Rick’s near-fatal battle with sepsis.

FMC Heart Care Patient Mike Henwood
Experience the Expertise – Mike’s Heart Care Story

When Mike Henwood of Lancaster arrived at Fairfield Medical Center after suffering an aortic aneurysm, he was in dire straits – but luckily, he found himself in capable hands.

Experience the Dedication – Becky’s Orthopedic Story

As a long-time volunteer, Becky Wilmot is a familiar face at Fairfield Medical Center; so, when she needed to have her shoulder replaced, the decision to have the procedure done where she was most comfortable was a no-brainer. “I have all the confidence in the world in Fairfield Medical Center and the care they provide,” she shared.

Ken Bussart
Experience the Teamwork – Ken’s Heart Care Story

Committed to getting his care at FMC, Glouster resident Ken Bussart drove two hours round trip every week for cardiac rehab.

Costantino Family
Experience the Compassion – Summerly’s Emergency Care Story

Intuition and the quick work of Fairfield Medical Center’s Emergency Department saved 2-year-old Summerly Costantino from a dangerous allergic reaction.

Teenage patient talks with female doctor

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