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A Patient-Centered Experience

We are dedicated to providing superior care to those individuals whose lives are entrusted to us. Our primary focus is to respond to their needs. From childbirth to orthopedics, bumps and scrapes to surgery and everything in between, we want our patients to experience the very latest in medical care and wellness, regardless of whether their stay is just for an hour or a couple of days.

To that end, we employ the most current medical technologies, techniques and talent, while appealing to each patient’s individual needs and desires, rather than just highlighting conditions or facilities. It is this dedication and focus that creates a positive experience for all who come through our doors.

These are just a few of their stories.

Heidi and Saddlers 2
Heroes & Hope in Uncertain Times

At Fairfield Medical Center, we are fortunate to have witnessed many inspiring, hopeful stories that have come about as a result of COVID-19.

Scott Hardwick cardiology
Heart of the Community

Sudden cardiac arrest survivor Scott Hardwick nearly died multiple times in one day, but the quick thinking and action of multiple caregivers saved his life.

Mike Miller stroke patient
A Crucial Call

A fall at work brought on a series of events that Mike Miller never expected. The decisions made by his care team at FMC helped to ensure his quick recovery.

Shannon Russell
The Bond of Mothers

When Shannon Russell experienced a frightening complication shortly after giving birth, she felt comforted knowing her OB/GYN would see her through it.

Breast cancer survivor Carla with her care team
Connection in a Crisis

Carla Yantes’, 57, breast cancer journey was characterized by her deep connection with the people who cared for her.

Josh playing the piano
Finding his Voice

Ever since the age of three, Josh Claybourn was unable to express his needs to others. With the help of the therapy team at FMC, he has finally found his voice.

Young woman in restaurant eating pasta
Getting Saucy Again

Heartburn was keeping Priscilla Fitzsimmons from the food she loved – until she found relief through the Fairfield Medical Heartburn Center.

Mom baby and entire team
A Fighting Chance

Teamwork and sheer determination saved Holly and Carley Amerine’s lives – now Holly is educating other mothers about the importance of paying attention to their bodies during pregnancy.

Teenage patient talks with female doctor

Share Your Story

If you or a loved one has a story that you wish to share with our Marketing team, we invite you to contact Michelle George, public relations specialist, at 740-689-6636 or