Experience the Support

Patti Hayes

“They Helped Me Beat Cancer – Twice.”

Never again will Patti Hayes enjoy a summer day without the protection of a wide-brimmed hat and plenty of sunscreen. In 2018, eight years after battling breast cancer, Patti learned that a inconspicious-looking mole on the back of her leg was actually skin cancer. The mole was immediately biopsied by Dr. Jason Lichten of Central Ohio Plastic Surgery, a procedure that left Patti with a deep 1-inch scar and a better understanding of sun protection.

“The mole was one that I had forever, but my husband noticed it was getting bigger and darker,” said Patti, who is treasurer of the Perry County Cancer Alliance and also sits on Fairfield Medical Center’s Cancer Education Awareness Committee. “Dr. Lichten knew right away it was something serious and he was right.“

As she had done while battling breast cancer, Patti entrusted FMC for her treatment. She said everything about the experience was wonderful, from the support of the FMC cancer care staff and physicians all the way down to the heated hospital gown that she wore prior to her surgery.

“I felt confident with my doctors – I never had any questions, because they explained everything to me,” Patti said. “I can’t say enough about the care I received at Fairfield Medical Center.”

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