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Fairfield Medical Center’s highest priority is the safety of the public and as the healthcare leaders in the region, it is our responsibility to help minimize the spread of COVID-19. Due to the potential risk of attendees at large gatherings,  the Fairfield Medical Center Foundation will not be hosting the following events in 2020:

  • FMC Foundation Annual Golf Outing (June 1)
  • Gordon B. Snider Heart & Lung Run (August 8)
  • Color Mile Fun Run (August 8)

We take great pride in conducting safe community events and we appreciate all the effort that went into coordinating these events. We also are incredibly thankful for the understanding of our community partners and members during this time.

Please contact the FMC Foundation team at 740-687-8107 if you are interested in learning more about tax deductible donations.

Thank you for helping prevent the spread of COVID-19. Click here to learn about additional ways you can help during this time.

When you attend agolfers at the FMC Foundation Golf Outing Fairfield Medical Center Foundation charity event, you are supporting healing in your community. All of these events help FMC address the most pressing healthcare needs in our service area: cancer services, pediatric care, cardiovascular care and wellness.

Please consider joining our movement by attending, sponsoring or providing in-kind support for our 2020 special events.

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