Five Children, One Hospital

When Jill Allen was pregnant with her first child, there was never any question as to where she would deliver her baby.

Fairfield Medical Center Maternity Allens“It was never an option to go out of Lancaster,” Allen said. “My husband and I trusted our doctor and felt very comfortable with our care.”

Five children later, Allen can say with confidence that each one of her maternity experiences at Fairfield Medical Center went exactly how she hoped it would go: Perfectly.

“Our experiences were so great; the nurses truly care about your stay and if you’re comfortable,” Allen said. “If you go there, you will be taken care of and your baby will be in good hands.”

Allen’s first child, Houston, 11, was delivered by Dr. Paul Detty, now retired. Her other four children – Harrison, 9, Hayden, 8, Harper, 6, and Hadley, 3 – were delivered by Dr. James Guenther.

Allen said one of the benefits of delivering all her children at the same hospital is the familiarity she gained with the staff.

“It was nice to know faces and know you would be cared for and treated like a queen,” she said. “I encourage women and families to put their trust and care with the doctors and nurses in this area and know that they’ll be taken care of here.”

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