Michelle Points out Benefits of Local Cancer Care

The first thing Michelle Unger thought about when she found out she had stage III colorectal cancer was her family. Her children are involved in athletics and lead busy lives; she did not want their routines disrupted. On the way home from the doctor’s office, she made her husband promise her that their lives would not change. For Unger, that meant being able to stay close to home for her treatment was important. Having her surgery and treatment at Fairfield Medical Center meant she and her husband could ensure their two sons’ lives could stay as normal as possible.

Michelle not only had confidence in her physicians and their treatment plan, but all staff members she worked with at Fairfield Medical Center. “Really my saving grace was family, the hospital – just the staff there, every nurse and nurse’s aid, everybody, every visit. I think I had six visits to the ER and was hospitalized six or seven times. I could complain about no one. The PCU nurses were just exceptional.” Michelle expressed her gratification towards the cancer care team, “You just know that they care: the radiation staff, the chemo staff and my oncology nurse navigator.”

Like Michelle, many patients choose Fairfield Medical Center for their cancer care treatment. Whether it is the convenience of a local, comprehensive facility and program, or the team of dedicated cancer care staff, Fairfield Medical Center patients are satisfied with their care. Michelle Unger is one of those patients, “the people I worked with and the support I received was phenomenal.”

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