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Neuro Support Group Testimonials

A neurological disorder, such as stroke, dementia or a brain injury, can change your life in an instant. The Neuro Support Group at Fairfield Medical Center is designed to provide education, understanding and hope to patients and caregivers who are navigating the challenges that come with a life-changing medical episode or diagnosis. The group regularly hosts guest speakers to address topics of interest, and also provides activities to promote group bonding and facilitate acceptance and healing.

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Preventative Measures

A new DNA test offered at the Fairfield Medical Heartburn Center is helping patients such as Bill Maffit identify health issues that could lead to esophageal cancer if left untreated.

Catherine at work
A Fight to the Finish

When Catherine Brock, 33, discovered a lump in her breast during a self-exam, her care team at FMC moved quickly to diagnose and treat her cancer. Now she’s encouraging other women to be proactive when it comes to their breast health.

Amanda at Trout Club
A Heartfelt Approach – Amanda’s Arrhythmia Story

When a severe anxiety disorder made it difficult for Amanda Reynolds to seek care for a heart condition, her cardiology team at Fairfield Medical Center helped guide her through the process with compassion and understanding.

Healthy Habits: Improving Sleep Hygiene

Fairfield Medical Center’s specially trained sleep specialists provide comprehensive evaluations and treatments of sleep disorders, including in-center and at-home sleep apnea testing, diagnostics, therapeutic interventions and education.

A Specialized Solution

After years of severe pain and failed remedies, Makala Shipley feared she would never find a solution to her gallbladder issues – until she learned about FMC’s robotic surgery program.

Not Skipping a Beat – Jack’s TAVR Story

Avid outdoorsman Jack Campbell is rediscovering his passions and enjoying a renewed sense of energy following minimally invasive heart surgery.

Dr. Singh and daughter, Dr. Singh, explore the Centennial Wall at FMC
A Family Legacy

As oncologist Dr. Kanwaljit Singh departs the hospital and community he served for several decades, his daughter, Dr. Avneet Singh, looks forward to carrying on the family’s legacy in medicine.

Living Life in Rhythm

Community Heart Watch, a program that started a decade ago through Fairfield Medical Center, aims to save lives from cardiac arrest while also making a difference for residents such as Andrew Vaughan and his son, Ryder, who both live with the same heart condition.

Audra Harden - One Step at a Time
One Step at a Time

After narrowly avoiding a lower limb amputation, FMC Wound Clinic patient Audra Harden is back on her feet again – and raising awareness about a common chronic disease.

Platinum Sponsor - Park National Bank
Park National Bank Becomes a Platinum Sponsor

Park National Bank has been a valuable resource and supporter of the FMC Foundation for nearly 15 years.

Stronger Together – Abby & Kate

After experiencing similar sports-related injuries, teammates Kate Gavin and Abby Kenney teamed up to motivate and support one another through their therapy sessions.

Raise Your Voice – Women’s Health

When Sarah Hutchinson’s unsettling health concerns weren’t being addressed by her provider, she switched her care to Fairfield Healthcare Professionals – and uncovered a life-changing diagnosis.

Heartburn to Healing – Karen’s Heartburn Story

When Karen Kampe began experiencing sudden, severe chest pain, she feared something might be wrong with her heart. Her care team at Fairfield Medical Center quickly confirmed that the pain wasn’t cardiac-related, but rather a rare gastrointestinal condition that required emergency surgery.

Connection Beyond Primary Care

Primary care is truly at the heart of wellness. From disease management to general wellness (and everything in between), the Dum family knows they can always count on their primary care provider for guidance and support.

Living Proof – Mike’s Story

After years of avoiding routine check-ups, a near-fatal event has Mike North counting his blessings – and encouraging others not to put off their preventative care.

Surviving and Thriving – Deb’s Heart Story

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in women, and Deb Gilbert almost contributed to that statistic. Thanks to her grandson’s lifesaving actions and the care of her cardiac and therapy teams at FMC, Deb is now urging other women to pay attention to the warning signs that she ignored.

Making Strides – Terri’s Stroke Story

After a stroke affected the use of Terri Garrett’s left arm and hand, her therapy team at FMC helped her establish a plan of action to reclaim the mobility she had lost.

A Reassuring Presence – Levi’s Pediatric Story

When Levi Vanatta required hospitalization following an RSV diagnosis, his care team at FMC pulled together to help him make a full recovery.

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Healthy Habits: Benefits of Breakfast

You’ve heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but is there any truth to the matter? Read on to learn more about the benefits of starting the day with a healthy, delicious meal.

Understanding Hunger

Mental health is important to overall health, and our psychology can also play a big role in how we manage our weight. In this article, learn more about identifying types of hunger.

Community Heart Watch Recognizes Lancaster Man for Lifesaving Intervention

The Lancaster Fire Department, Fairfield Medical Center and Community Heart Watch recently came together at Deb’s Corner Café in Lancaster to recognize a staff member from the restaurant whose quick action helped save a life.

Cardiac Rehab: Confidence in Recovery

Surviving a heart scare often marks the start of a new, health-focused lifestyle. For many, it’s a realization that can feel overwhelming. This was certainly true for Keith Garrett, now 57, of Lancaster. Hours after experiencing a cardiac event and receiving care at Fairfield Medical Center, Keith found himself wondering what his future might look like. Fortunately for him, his doctor instructed him to enroll in FMC’s Cardiac Rehabilitation Program in the coming weeks.

FMC Adopts Robotic Technology for Lung Cancer Biopsy

Fairfield Medical Center is one of just three Ohio hospital systems investing in Intuitive’s ION robotic technology, designed to beat lung cancer in the earliest stages of disease. The ability to biopsy suspicious nodules, regardless of size or location within the lung, will lead to faster treatment and better outcomes for those facing the life-changing diagnosis.

Robotics_da Vinci-Dr. Scott Johnson
Fairfield Medical Center Launches Robotic Surgery Program

Fairfield Medical Center is excited to announce the implementation of robotic-assisted surgical procedures, an innovative advancement that will benefit patient care.

PulsePoint logo
Fairfield Co. Wins $5,000 Grant in AED Pulsepoint Contest

Fairfield Medical Center’s Community Heart Watch Committee is the recipient of a $5,000 grant from the PulsePoint Foundation, money that will be used to purchase AEDs (automated external defibrillators) for public safety staff and the community.

Female doctor with a young girl patient and her mother
Know Where to Go

Illness and injury can be scary and uncomfortable, but knowing where to go in certain situations can help ease some of your stress and anxiety.

COVID-19 Vaccines: Boosters and Additional Doses

Learn more about booster vaccinations and additional doses.