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Three local banks – Fairfield Federal Savings & Loan, Friendly Bremen Banking Center and Park National Bank – have donated a total of 30 AEDs to non-profit organizations in Fairfield County. Additionally, one device will offer peace of mind to the family of a seven-year-old boy born with a hereditary heart condition. AEDs, or automated external defibrillators, use an electrical shock to restart the heart during cardiac arrest. When delivered within minutes of collapse, this intervention – along with CPR – can often mean the difference between life and death for victims.

As part of an innovative approach to cardiac arrest survival, each of these defibrillators will increase bystander intervention rates and improve response times in Southeast Ohio. The devices, made by Avive, will be integrated with dispatcher software. When a call is received, this connectivity allows 911 dispatchers to identify and ping AEDs in the area, alerting device owners of the immediate need and prompting them to bring the device to the location displayed on its screen. The quicker a cardiac arrest victim receives care, the more likely they are to survive.

Fairfield Medical Center and Community Heart Watch applaud our local banking partners for these generous donations. By coming together to serve our community, these organizations have significantly increased availability and accessibility to lifesaving devices.

To learn more about Community Heart Watch, CPR training and AED purchasing options, visit, or contact FMC community outreach coordinator Teri Watson at 740-687-6929.