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Sarah Abelseth, ATC

Sarah Abelseth, ATC
Fairfield Healthcare Provider

About Sarah Abelseth, ATC

Sarah wants to give back and provide a service that is needed

When not at athletic events, Sarah enjoys swimming, hiking, video games and DnD.

Having a part in helping someone out of a low point in their life to returning to doing something that they love is why I do what I do. The look they have when coming off the field of play and realizing they are better, despite the doubts and the hiccups, is something beyond words.” - Sarah Abelseth, ATC

    • B.A. in Athletic Training
    • Trinity International University
    • Lake Forest College (Residency/Internship)
    • Stevenson High School (Residency/Internship)
    • Great Lakes Naval Training Center (Residency/Internship)
    • Southern Illinois University - Kinesiology