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Wound Clinic 

The Wound Clinic at FMC is a full-service wound care provider located in the Fairmore building at the Fairfield Medical Center main campus in Lancaster, Ohio. Oftentimes, patients that are in need of a wound clinic may have other serious comorbid conditions, some of the most common being diabetes and cardiovascular-related diseases. With that said, we believe any patient with a wound can benefit from our services, from those with simple wounds to those who are medically complex.

We have protocols and treatment plans – all of which are fine-tuned on a patient-to-patient basis – to care for a wide variety of wound types, including those associated with acute skin tears, diabetic foot ulcers, chronic venous insufficiency (with or without ulceration), hidradenitis, lymphedema, first and second degree burns, MRSA infections, arterial insufficiency and any general skin condition associated with the formation of wounds. 

We know healing isn’t always easy – that’s why we provide a team-based approach to coordinate your plan of care. In addition to our physicians and nurse practitioners, the Wound Clinic provides patients with access to nurses to assist in care and physical therapists to help treat and manage conditions such as lymphedema. Laboratory, microbiologic, pathologic and other diagnostic methods are used to help determine the root cause(s) of the wound, which then allow for the selection of the best treatment plan on an individual basis. Additionally, we collaborate closely with referring providers as well as a wide variety of specialists, including vascular surgeons, dermatologists and orthopedists. In necessary cases, we even ensure continuity of care by working with extended care facilities and home health services, including registered nurses, physical therapists and occupation therapists.

The goal, of course, is to heal all wounds completely – but there are some instances where this is not entirely possible. In these cases, we provide insight and guidance in proper, ongoing wound care. These plans include a basic wound assessment, nutrition counseling, activity guidance and a structured, comprehensive evaluation of other contributing factors. Patients can request to receive all of their wound care directly from the clinic, to be trained on how to do it themselves, or they can request we partner with their other healthcare providers.

FMC Wound Clinic Provides Innovative Treatment Options

Wound care has evolved significantly from the days of basic wet-to-dry bandage techniques and has grown to include an astounding variety of therapies, like silver alginates, hydrocolloids and enzymatic debriders to name only a few. Wound care, however, often requires more than topical medications and first-rate dressings. The Wound Clinic at FMC also has the ability to perform wound grafts, negative pressure wound care, total contact casting and wound debridement. 

Commitment to excellence in wound care is at the forefront of the Wound Clinic’s focus: our decision to be a test site for newly developed synthetic and biologic grafts is one of many ways we support this goal. Participation in treatment studies enables us to stay in touch with the newest innovations in healing and allows us the opportunity to visualize firsthand the treatments that could improve the lives of our patients. Eligible patients who elect to participate in trial studies may do so with little to no cost. For many, this is viewed as an added patient benefit to an already outstanding service.

One of the most innovative grafting procedures at the clinic is referred to as Cellutome. This particular grafting procedure is unique in that the Cellutome machine “harvests” and uses the patient’s own healthy epidermal (skin) tissue for wound repair. Once the sample is collected – generally from the upper thigh region – it is immediately placed in the prepared wound bed. The success rates after just one application have been phenomenal, even with some of our most persistent wounds. And don’t worry: the skin at the “donor site” (the site where the tissue was collected from) may be a bit red after the procedure, but eventually this will disappear with no apparent scarring, much like a sunburn. This entire process is done right in our office as an outpatient procedure: no anesthesia is needed and little to no pain is associated with the treatment. The Cellutome grafting procedure can be used on all chronic wound types that have failed to heal using traditional, evidence-based protocols and is covered by most insurances with no preauthorization required.

Once you’ve received a referral from your primary care physician, call to make an appointment. Our goal is to get you into the office and your healing underway as soon as possible – oftentimes within a matter of days.  

Available Services Include:

  • Evaluation and treatment of wound(s)
  • Diagnostic studies including imaging and laboratory studies
  • Non-invasive vascular studies
  • Special dressings based on the type of wound
  • Total contact casts
  • Negative pressure wound therapy
  • Skin grafts (Synthetic and biological)
  • Epidermal skin grafts  (Cellutome graft)
  • Full thickness skin grafts  
  • Wound cultures
  • Skin Biopsies
  • Pressure off-loading devices
  • Compression therapy and garments
  • Wound debridements
  • Consultation with dietician and RN diabetic educator
  • Consultation with specialties, such as vascular, infectious disease and podiatry 
  • Referrals for home health services including registered nurses, physical therapists and occupational therapists
  • Wound Clinic physical therapist on-site
  • Protein supplements

Outpatient Wound Clinic 618 Pleasantville Road, Suite 304
Lancaster, Ohio 43130
Open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. by appointment only.