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Executive Board

Community Heart Watch’s Executive Board is comprised of individuals from several arenas, including clinical, business, and school district representatives. This group, along with the committee at large, meets regularly and voluntarily to identify opportunities, initiatives and tactics to improve cardiac arrest survival rates.

Teri Watson, PhD, Chair
Community Outreach Coordinator
Fairfield Medical Center

John Lazarus, MD, PhD

John Lazarus, MD, PhD, Clinical Chair
Interventional Cardiologist
Fairfield Medical Center


Brad Smith, EMS Chair
Greenfield Township Fire

Kasey Farmer, EMS Co-Chair
Assistant Chief
Basil Joint Fire



Sarah McGraw-Thimmes, RN,
School Chair
District Health Coordinator
Lancaster City Schools

Matt Wideman, Business Chair
Executive Vice President
Fairfield Federal Savings & Loan


Deserae Belcher, RN, Hospital Chair
STEMI (Heart Attack) Coordinator
Fairfield Medical Center





Not pictured 




Shawn Klaaymeyer, EMS Co-Chair
STEMI (Heart Attack) Coordinator
Fairfield Medical Center