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EAC Virtual Bingo GraphicEvery year the EAC hosts Bingo Boogie. In 2021, we are keeping the tradition going by safely hosting a virtual event for all staff, providers volunteers and TWIG members.

How it works?

This event is open to the first 500 people who register. We will send you a Zoom link and a link for a virtual bingo card to the email that you provide below. We recommend using a personal email account when you register below. You will pull up both links during the scheduled Bingo Boogie session and mark your card as the host calls the numbers. As always, the host will let you know what type of bingo is being called at the start of that round (traditional, corners, etc.). When you get a bingo, please either notify the host by clicking the raise your hand feature in the Zoom call toolbar or unmute your device and notify the group. You will then let the host know your bingo card ID and they will verify that you got a bingo. If you get a confirmed bingo, we will mail you a gift card to a local business.

Please complete the registration information below. After you submit your information, a confirmation that you have successfully completed your registration will appear on the page. If you do not see this confirmation, please contact us at XXXXXXXXXXX.

As always, please be respectful of other players during the bingo session and have a great time!