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$1 Million Dollars Because of Donors Like You

In 2020 the FMC Foundation set out to raise $750,000 to serve cancer patients at FMC, by supporting the purchase of a new linear accelerator. The benefits include customizable radiation therapy and shorter treatments, allowing patients to spend more time doing the things they enjoy. With the support and generosity of the FMC Foundation donors, the goal was surpassed and a total of $1 million dollars was donated! We are excited to announce that cancer patients will receive radiation treatment from the new device late fall of 2021.

Please consider joining our healing mission!

When will my pledge come out of my pay?

ALL pledges made during this employee campaign will be taken out of your pay beginning January 2022, and will continue through December 2022.


If you have any questions, please reach out to us directly by calling 740-687-8107 or email

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