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We know that not all patients have insurance or the same financial situation. The need for health care can be unplanned and the bills associated may exceed your budget.

Fairfield Medical Center is committed to providing the highest quality healthcare to all patients, regardless of their ability to pay.

We offer discount programs, payments options and have a team of people who will partner with you to review your bill, insurance coverage and all of the assistance you are eligible for.



Understanding the Financial Assistance Policy

To help answer any questions about our Financial Assistance Policy, we have a resource that talks about assistance eligibility, how to apply for assistance, what financial help is available, calculating the amounts generally billed, and other common topics.

How do I Apply for Assistance

Step One: Select the correct Financial Assistance Application.

Step Two: Financial Assistance Applications need to be submitted in person or mailed to: HCAP, P.O. Box 2048, Mount Vernon, Ohio 43050. They cannot be accepted through email.