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When it comes to helping you put together an effective treatment plan, it is extremely important to first confirm a diagnosis of GERD. The Fairfield Medical Heartburn Center nurse coordinator will likely recommend a comprehensive diagnostic evaluation that includes one or more tests. You can find more information below about each of the tests and how these are performed.

Testing will not only help to determine the root cause of your reflux symptoms, but will also allow our Heartburn Center providers to come up with a customized treatment plan that fits your specific condition and lifestyle. To learn more about the tests available to evaluate GERD symptoms, call 740-689-6486.

  • An esophageal manometry assesses pressure and motor function of the esophagus and evaluates how well the muscles in the esophagus transport liquids or food from your mouth to your stomach. This test may be used for diagnostic testing or as a pre-op evaluation if you are considering anti-reflux surgery. During the procedure, a slender tube (catheter) will be used to project an image onto a monitor for review your healthcare provider. This is an outpatient procedure.

  • An upper endoscopy is an outpatient procedure that gives a visual evaluation of the esophagus and stomach. You will be placed under sedation and a slender scope will be advanced into the esophagus, stomach and the small bowel, so that photographs and a tissue biopsy can be taken. This allows your healthcare provider to examine the cells in the lower esophagus to see if these have been affected by reflux.

  • This study measures the amount of acid reflux present in your body and can confirm a GERD diagnosis. You may be sedated or awake for this procedure. A provider will place a small electronic capsule in the lower esophagus to measure your acid levels for 48-96 hours before the capsule detaches and passes harmlessly through the body. During this period, you will wear a wireless receiver on your person that collects the data. After the 48-96 hours, you will return the transmitter, so the data can be downloaded.

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