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Neighbors Saving Neighbors Delivering AEDs to the Scene

The Avive Connect AED is changing the way family, friends and community members care for each other. Unlike standard AEDs, this device is small, portable and connected to a network of hometown heroes ready to assist in an emergency. When a cardiac arrest occurs, 911 dispatchers send alerts to the Avive units nearest to the scene. By using Google maps to lead community responders to their neighbor in need, we can save lives. 

Community Heart Watch is working with Avive and local community members to make Southeast Ohio a hub for cardiac arrest survival. This mission aligns with our goal to deliver AEDs within the critical minutes following collapse, no matter where they might be needed.


What Makes Avive Different?

Small, portable and affordable, the Avive Connect AED is perfect for the home, ball field or to throw in a backpack before hiking. Unlike standard AEDs, the batteries are rechargeable, eliminating the need for expensive replacements. They can also sustain charge for eight months and can maintain power for 2.5 hours of continuous use.

Devices are available for lease for only $350 per year (with a five-year term), which means for less than $1 a day, you have the potential to save the life of a loved one, community member or complete stranger. Devices can also be purchased outright for $1,395, which includes one year of connectivity.

In addition to being convenient for travel and financially attainable, Avive’s accessibility features include bilingual (English/Spanish) audio and video instructions and have been approved for use in adults and children.

These innovative devices are expanding AED availability beyond stores and businesses – you can now have these lifesaving resources in your home, on vacation, during social settings or on the go. 

Where Can I Learn More?

To learn more about joining the Avive initiative, contact Teri Watson, Community Heart Watch and Fairfield Medical Center community outreach coordinator, at 740-687-6929. For more information on Avive, visit today.

Local Banks Donate AEDs to Fairfield Co. Non-Profits

Three local banks – Fairfield Federal Savings & Loan, Friendly Bremen Banking Center and Park National Bank – donated a total of 30 AEDs to non-profit organizations in Fairfield County.