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SAFE Emergency Department Speedy - Assessment - Focused - Environment

At Fairfield Medical Center, you deserve to receive fast and efficient care when you come to our Emergency Department. That’s why we are adopting a new model of triage called “vertical care” that is designed to shorten your wait time and connect you with a provider more quickly.

The vertical care model includes a SAFE area, which is a set of rooms similar to an exam room. S.A.F.E. stands for Speedy, Assessment, Focused, Environment and is a process that has been used successfully in many other hospitals.


Take a short tour of our new process.

The SAFE ED Process

Emergency North EntranceStep One. When you arrive at the Emergency Department, you will be checked in by a member of our healthcare team. Depending on the care you need, you will be directed to a SAFE room, where you will be seen by a doctor, nurse practitioner or a physician assistant.

Step Two. If you require lab work or additional testing, an order will be placed and your provider may start an IV, if necessary. As your test results are being reviewed, you may be asked to return to the waiting room. If the waiting room appears to be busy, please do not leave. It is likely that some of those patients have already been seen and are waiting on their test results.

Step Three. Once your provider has created a plan for your care, you will be brought back into a room to discuss findings, next steps and treatment before you are discharged.

Step Four. If you require a longer stay at our facility, you may be directed to a bed in the Emergency Department for more extensive care.

Fairfield Medical Center is excited to adopt the vertical care model in our Emergency Department to provide you with a safe and seamless experience. Thank you for entrusting us with your care.

I was very impressed with the staff and how fast the service was. I walked in, told them what was wrong and was immediately taken to a room.”
- SAFE ED Patient
Amazing experience from start to finish thanks to the wonderful staff!!”
- SAFE ED Patient
Was not even waiting a minute before being taken to exam room and health concerns being addressed.”
- SAFE ED Patient